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Shoving their filthy, dirty laundry into the press’s collective face seems to be all the rage with young celebrities but, when does feasting your eyes on their scandalously stained y-fronts become old hat? Although salivating over the latest celebrity scandal is essentially my job, I can’t help but feel that some stars have lost sight of what they actually set out to do.

Surely didn't scrawl “When I grow up I want to incoherently rant about leather jogging pants” into his kindergarten jotter? And, I'm pretty sure never dizzily daydreamed about being universally recognised for her reptilian tongue.

Although racking up enough column inches to wrap around Kim Kardasian's badonkadonk a dozen times is clearly in vogue, does this relentless attention seeking really help anyone's careers?

Surely there are consequences to such relentless attention seeking on a professional level? I know it is easy to think celebrities just gather manna from heaven in their golden cash buckets but, at the end of the day, they are working people. Celebs might not have to spend hours hammering out an almost entirely fabricated CV on Microsoft word but they do need to prove they can work with people without causing a mass aneurysm.

It does’t matter if you have been bathed in the sacred font of talent if people associate you with chugging down more vodka than the entire cast of Jersey Shore and, as the aforementioned show has proven, watching that shit as a fan is only entertaining for so long.

Below I will profile some of celeb city's most notorious stars and their eye-watering antics to dissect the havoc that attention seeking has unleashed on their careers.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan looking more than a little worse for wear in 2013

Ah, ! When it comes to Hollywood hot messes Lilo is the original and, best. The 27 year old star is 'the first child of a drug-abusing, felonious stock trader and a failed dancer' who managed to make it big at the tender age of 11 with Disney's The Parent Trap.

Alas, ten years later Lohan was more well known for her adderall, alcoholism and outlandish behaviour than her undeniable acting talent. If you look at Lilo's filmography the downward curve in the prestige of projects she is offered seems to corroborate directly with the her blood alcohol levels.

Maybe it is no surprise that 2007, the whirlwind year of triple rehab topped off with a publicity hungry lesbian love affair with DJ Samantha Ronson, was also the year of I Know Who Killed Me. A movie so unfathomably dire that it was clear Lilo was losing grip of her professionalism along with her fingers, arms and legs in the poorly executed torture porn sequences. Still, at least Lilo had the self awareness to realise her dire mistake:

In 2011 Lohan was busted 'borrowing' a $2,800 dollar necklace on security camera, and although she avoided a stint in jail, she was karmically punished with a starring role in the excruciating Liz and Dick. Now, I can watch anything with Lohan in it, hell, I even kind of enjoyed Life Size but watching this travesty was like having scorpions of embarrassed empathy scuttling all over you skin. If Lohan can’t even play a notorious drunk is there any hope for her?

Lindsay Lohan does her best Elizabeth Taylor impression. Good effort , babes

Apparently Lilo's acting credentials and bargain price tag were low enough to give her a break in 's 2013 movie, The Canyons. Instead of thanking her lucky stars, Lohan demonstrated a dazzling array of 'tardiness, unpredictability, tantrums, absences, neediness, psychodrama' on set and nearly ground the production into the dirt.

Lohan doesn't just bite the hand that feeds, she gnaws the bastard right off.

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf demonstrates the look of smug

might think he is the worlds most talented Thespian but, his acting talent has been totally eclipsed by his colossal ego and asshole antics. The star might still be landing big rolls in upcoming movies such as 's Nymphomaniac: Volume I, but how long will people be willing to tolerate his geyser of crap?

The turbulent star was plummeted into hot water with a drunk driving charge in 2008 and its been a slippery slope since then. It's not just dangerous to be around lairy LaBeouf when he is behind the wheel though. LaBeouf either has the alcohol tolerance of a squirrel or, an impressive talent for rubbing people up the wrong way because he just cannot get enough of bar brawls. The Lawless actor has got fists flying at least four times in the recent years and has even been accused of threatening to knife a punter in South London.

Whilst getting a bit shank happy with fans in local pubs is pretty high on the douchery scale, it is the smarmy star's plagiarism battle with comic book artist, Daniel Clowes that has really got LaBeouf a star on the Hollywood walk of foolery.

Shamelessly ripping off a graphic novelist's work definitely warrants an apology, but unfortunately sincerity is not Beoufy's bag. The star instead decided to apologise by plagiarising famous celebrity pleas for forgiveness such as Kanye's olive branch to and Tiger Wood's grovelling on behalf of his wayward groin.

Shia LaBeouf does his best Kanye impression for Clowes

For some reason, Clowes concluded that LaBeouf wasn't taking the case seriously and pressed for legal action. Instead of stepping down the staircase of shit-stirring like most ordinary human beings, Shia decided he would get a sky writer!

{right} Sky writer. Because nothing says 'I'm sorry' like a wispy vapor trail miles away from your victims house.

Shia LaBeouf is undoubtedly a talented actor but the star probably won't have the luxury of turning down roles in movies like The Social Network and 127 hours because they aren't "Warren Beatty-type game changers" for much longer.

Not content with pissing off the public, Beoufy is setting his sights on big name stars too. On the set of the Second World War drama Fury LaBeouf managed to get right up 's nostrils by refusing to shower for two weeks and pulling out his own tooth to prove he was the most dedicated actor. He might have gained some new insight into how life was in the trenches, but he also "found himself staying in a small bed-and-breakfast hotel away from the rest of the cast" so they could have some respite from his unholy stench.

Don't start panic buying Febreeze just yet though Hollywood, the star has recently done a Bieber and tweeted about his 'retirement'.

I bet you $10 dollars he is already back on Twitter.

No such thing as bad press?

So, does the phrase 'there is so such thing as bad press' wring true? The answer to the question revolves around whether a star happens to be chasing shallow fame and notoriety or, career credibility. Snatching all the column inches you can is the perfect strategy if you are gagging for stardom for stardoms sake but it does result in a degradation of public image.

Someone like whose empire is entirely constructed from her persona needs to be constantly all over the gossip rags like a rash, but talented actors and musicians do not.

When a celebrity has a talent, this is what they should be known for first and foremost. While major A-list stars do have their slip ups that end up plastered all over the press, what separates them from the attention seekers is that their performances and achievements are more entertaining then their lurid private lives. Being in the public eye is like balancing on a delicate see-saw. When stories about a stars rudeness, drug addiction or all-round terrible behaviour become more entertaining that the roles they perform or, the albums they release it is a downward spiral.

There is no denying the stars above do have impressive acting skills but these attributes are being eclipsed by the mountain of column inches about their outrageous behaviour.

If you conducted a survey, I am sure that most people would rather watch a no-holds-barred documentary about Lohan or LaBeouf than their latest film offerings. Their lives have become more tantalising than their art, and it's a long climb back to the top from here.

Do you agree that some celebrities have lost sight of their careers and fallen prey to the seduction of easy column inches? Who else do you think slots into this category?

Let me know below!

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