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The Joker is arguably the most important and loved villain in the DC universe and perhaps the comic universe as a whole. His crazy antics and elaborate plans make him a tough target for the Bats and his image makes him iconic. When he’s on screen with the green hair, red lipstick and purple suit you can’t help but get goosebumps from seeing the iconic clown. Not to mention when his voice acting is done right by Mark Hamill there is a sense of genius.

There have been many portrayals of the Joker in recent times in different animated series’ but one undeniable performance is of course ’s version, Dark and real. There is lots of debate over whose was better? Was it Nicholson or Ledger? I personally think Ledger but everybody’s different.

But unfortunately the inevitable day has to come. The day when Warner Brothers reboot The Joker. It has to happen. He’s Batman’s greatest foe, his nemesis. The money WB would make with the addition of another Joker to a new Bat series. The one thing I want is it not to happen too soon. By that I’m sure you all know I’m talking about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Slated with a 2015 release and very little said about the movie there’s many rumours to circulate. Who will be the villain? The Joker springs to mind. Of course WB are thinking about it. Surely they are. Maybe it is the right decision to bring back The Joker but how? And with who? So many questions.

Will the ‘new’ Joker be as dark as Ledgers or will he be as eccentric as ’s? Possibly as crazy as the Joker in the graphic novel: “A Killing Joke” (Now that I would like). There’s lots of options, but what would work this day and age? What would the fanboys accept? He needs to be original (again) and also by god, they need the right actor. Heath Ledger was a risk at the beginning and wasn’t lucky. He was spot on. But will that happen again? I sure hope so.

There are lots of names thrown around the web about potential actors for the role: (Prison Break) isn’t a bad choice. I like the idea POSSIBLY, give it a think: (Kick-Ass). He has the look and he’s up and coming to be great!

In all honesty, they are the only two I could possibly think of so the reason I’m writing this is to hear your opinions! Leave your ideas in the comments; I’d love to get some ideas. The Joker hasn’t even been confirmed yet but there’s no harm in some internet talk. Also do you think Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be good? Leave the comments below!



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