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Charles Kenny

DreamWorks upcoming film is a play upon expectations. Taking a creature known for its lack of speed and placing him in a scenario that is the very definition of the term is hardly new, but the studio is banking on a quirky storyline and its usual top-notch animation to bring them success.

Of course, Turbo is far from the first animated film or even the first CGI animated film to deal with motorsport; Pixar's Cars was the visible manifestation of 's fondness for fast cars.

That film (and its subsequent sequel) didn't sit too well with film critics though, thanks to unpolished characters and a plot that lacked that Pixar sheen that audiences had come to expect.

DreamWorks has apparently studied Pixar's faux pas and Turbo looks like much more exciting film with some terrific characters and serious dose of comedy that has already been giving cinema goers laughs with the film's trailers.

The film also looks to have a much better focus on the racing aspect and all the thrills and excitement it entails. The trailers released so far indicate a fast-paced film that only breaks for pitstops when it needs to.

With the studio's previous film The Croods remaining very popular, DreamWorks appears to be on a bit of a hot streak and given what we've seen so far, Turbo looks set to keep it going a little while longer.


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