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(WARNING: The following post contains material that is detestable, offensive, and certainly not NSFW)

There are no horror fans more proud than self-proclaimed "gore hounds." These entrails enthusiasts can't get enough blood and guts to satiate their hunger for all things viscera. We reached deep into the bowels of horror cinema to uncover some of the most disturbing, gore-filled moments that have splattered the screen. Mutilations, amputations, and other hard-to-watch depictions lie ahead, so steel your stomach!

Who's Hungry?

When your coworkers send out an office-wide email that there's cake in the break room.

Insect-Infested Orifices

My holes are sacred, and certainly the last place I want to have a slimy worm infestation.

That Feeling When You Pull A Hangnail...

...and it just keeps going and going.

Savage Scalping

I wonder if it sounds like wet velcro being peeled apart.

Why You Shouldn't Sneak Up On Santa

For a jolly old man, he's got one mean swing.

Down The Middle

Dunno if we're more unsettled by her guts splatting at terminal velocity or the way her legs bend and flop after being split in twain — lengthwise.

When Foreplay Turns Into Foul Play

The intimacy of this one is pretty hard to watch — just check out that bloody money shot!

One Dull Knife

The killer obviously wasn't too worried about giving his victim a quick death. A butter knife would have cut through his gullet faster than that.

That's One Way To Paint A Wall

Fun Fact: You have enough blood in your body to paint a 400 square foot room.

Hanging On By A Thread

Her transition from screaming in pain to dead weight is sickly realistic.

Like Carving The Thanksgiving Turkey

She looks like she's about to lose her lunch along with her arm. At least the electric carving knife makes quick work of all that cutting.

One Way To Kill Vampire

Josh Hartnett obviously hasn't been working out, as the other two axe entries on this list got the job done in one. Those vampire sternums are tough to crack through, eh?

Can't Handle A Castration?

Like popping a grape out of its skin. Sorry, guys.

How About An At-Home C-Section?

Local anesthesia? Naw. Sterilization? Nope — just a pair of sharp scissors and willful determination. Sorry, ladies.

Starting to feel faint yet? If you've stuck it out through this whole post without getting dizzy then you've earned the right to brag about your affinity for filth and your unshakable nerves. There's a special circle within the grimiest pits of horror for you, you sick individual.

Still feeling brave? Then how about sitting through a few brutal beheadings to finish off this gore-filled post:

Which gory moment made you cringe the hardest (if at all)?


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