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Alisha Grauso

The 2013 Cannes Film Festival may have kicked off today with the 3-D premiere of The Great Gatsby, but it also saw smaller films seeking distribution, scripts getting picked up by the studios and the usual industry scramble to get something into production.

Such was the case with Start Motion Pictures (formerly Wayfare Entertainment; parent company Start Media LLC is consolidating the branding), who have announced that they've chosen 28 Weeks Later director to helm upcoming film Villain. In addition, has been cast to star as one of two brothers who reconnect under mysterious circumstances in a harsh and unforgiving wilderness. The role of the other brother has not yet been cast.

While Start is both producing and financing, Wild Bunch will be the group in charge of selling the film at Cannes and lining up distributors both domestic and international. That's great and all, but who will be put in charge of keeping LaBeouf from acting like a douche?


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