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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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In news that may disappoint a number of zombies and serial killer, human meat is not particularly good for you. James Cole at the University of Brighton published a paper full of interesting facts for the wannabe cannibal:

"When you compare us to other animals, we’re not very nutritional at all."

Apart from being, y'know, totally barbaric, cannibalism is not terribly calorie-effective; meat from boars and beavers gives 1,800 cals to the muscle pound, whereas human flesh offers only 650. Crap!

Cannibal horror Raw recently shook viewers with its explicit take on flesh-eating. Have you seen it yet?

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This didn't deter ancient man from nibbling on his fellows; scientists discovered bite marks on bones carbon-dated at around 800,000 years old, so the cruddy calorie value didn't deter him. Maybe he was on a diet?

Biology Prof. Bill Schutt adds that cannibalism is only really a no-no in the human species:

"Cannibalism is extremely widespread in the animal kingdom. What makes us different are the rituals, the culture, the taboos. We’ve been patterned to believe that cannibalism is the worst thing you could do."

Eh, it's probably for the best that most people don't like the idea of munching on their neighbors.


If you were starving, would you nibble on human flesh?

(Source: National Geographic)


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