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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is really starting to spoil us now. Following our first look at as Falcon, we've now got an awesome image of some concept art for the movie's main antagonist, the Winter Soldier.

Here's what Bucky Barnes () has turned into:

(From Entertinment Weekly, via Cosmic Book News)

I can totally live with this. I doubt that the mask will get much screen time, once the Winter Soldier's identity is revealed. Hope the goggles stay, though. They do acknowledge the domino mask, with the shape they have.

Personally, I've enjoyed the look of Captain America: The Winter Soldier from the concept art so far and I can't wait until more images of Stan in the gear start popping up online.

Is this movie going to punch the box office in the nose when it smashes into theaters April 4th, 2014?


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