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Love in the Marvel Universe is never easy, what with everyone dying (sometimes multiple times), being brainwashed into forgetting who they are, getting replaced by someone assuming a new identity, and other things that generally make loving someone long-term damn near impossible.

Perhaps the best example of "life is so unfair in the MCU" we've seen so far (at least until The Amazing Spider-Man 2?) was Captain America's () doomed romance with Peggy Carter () after Cap saves the world by crashing his jet straight into the icy sea (You could say it was kind of a crap day). Considering he didn't get thawed out until 70 years later, well, let's just say he never exactly got to keep that date with Peggy.

But will there be a new romantic interest for poor, lonely Steve in Captain America: The Winter Soldier? It looks like it...and some new pictures leaked from set show it's not who we might have been thinking.

I'm going to warn you now, the pictures WILL SPOIL a plotline for the movie for you, so if you don't want to know, DON'T LOOK.

Like I said, this is a SPOILER. You hear me?


So stop reading right now if you don't want to see, because Cap's about to lock lips with someone in the pictures below.


Awwwwww yeah. This brings up so many more potential directions they could take this. The romance between Captain America and Black Widow () has a case of two ships crossing in the night, at least with the Steve Rogers version of Captain America (Natasha Romanoff and James "Bucky" Barnes, as we know, had a lengthy, on-again, off-again relationship, even after he donned the Captain America suit), with Natasha at one point harboring unrequited feelings for Steve. Might this be an alternate story we're seeing unfold here? Or maybe this kiss means nothing at all and Natasha is just reminding Steve that he needs to start living again.

And what does this mean for a potential relationship between Steve and Sharon Carter (), Peggy's niece? When we learned she would be a character in the sequel, we all assumed she'd be Captain America's love interest, but maybe we were too quick to assume. The IMDB page for Captain America 2 lists VanCamp only as Agent 13, so perhaps it's a case of him not finding out her true identity until a third movie. So is that romance not going to happen in this movie? Or will it? Or...or-OH MY GOD, I DON'T KNOW.

The drawback to writing about movies is that I never get the option to have them not spoiled for me, and so here I am, spun into some sort of existential crisis by pictures of Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers kissing. Lucky Scarlett. Lucky, LUCKY Scarlett.

What do you think? Will we see a genuine romance blossom between the earnest Captain America and the femme fatale Black Widow? Or will he end up with Sharon Carter? Let us know what you think and make sure to [[follow]] along for more set pics and news.

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