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He might not be an Avenger, but Spidey's solo movie is packing some serious cameos from Earth's Mightiest Heroes. We all know that Iron Man is itching to steal the show, but what about good old Cap? The last we saw the stalwart hero, he was heading off into exile with the rest of Team Cap, making cameo prospects very unlikely before his inevitable return in Infinity War. However, Spider-Man: Homecoming has managed to squeeze in anyway — and this cameo raises some serious questions about 's continuity.

After we caught a glimpse of Cap's "fitness challenge" school video in the second trailer, a new TV spot reveals that, for some reason, Steve Rogers made a whole series of high school PSAs. As Peter reluctantly slopes into detention, he's welcomed by a chirpy, holier-than-thou voice, and it's one we all know and love. Check it out:

In the videos, Cap has donned his outfit, before The Winter Soldier redesign. So we can conclude that somehow, between saving New York from the Chitauri invasion and kicking people off boats on behalf of S.H.I.E.L.D., Steve decided to do some PSAs in his spare time. But the question is, why?

Back in the roaring '40s, the creation of Captain America — as a heroic icon — was entirely to do with war propaganda to raise money for troops. But while Steve was willing to help out with the war effort, he soon became disillusioned with his career, feeling like "a dancing monkey," until Peggy Carter gave him a good, tough love pep talk and he decided to go back to what he did best — kicking people off stuff.

Lost in time and trying to make a life for himself in modern day, it certainly seems rather strange that Steve would decide to go back to his old PR career — especially if that meant lecturing kids on getting detention from behind a screen. I need not remind you that young, scrawny, sickly Steve Rogers was far more likely to find himself incarcerated in detention back in the good old days, thanks to his penchant for picking fights with those bigger than him. Whatever happened to Mr "I can do this all day"?

Skinny Steve picks another fight. [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Skinny Steve picks another fight. [Credit: Marvel Studios]

In The Winter Soldier, it seemed that Steve was trying to keep his head down in his new life, catching up on what he'd lost and running covert missions for S.H.I.E.L.D. So the new Spider-Man: Homecoming cameos leave us wondering why Steve would create what looks like a high school video program from the 1990s, and who roped him into this in the first place. Did Steve lose some kind of elaborate bet with Tony Stark? Was Steve's salary from the Avengers not quite enough to pay his bills? Or is the grand plan to use Cap in these videos to brainwash kids and turn them into Hydra sleeper agents?

Or I don't know, maybe this is just a fun way to put Captain America into a movie he otherwise wouldn't appear in. Personally though, I think he lost the bet.

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