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It might suck to be Johnny Depp right now, but it's a damn good time to be (or, more accurately, the studio paying him). While Depp was recently revealed as the worst value for money in Hollywood, officially delivers the best bang-for-buck.

A new report in Forbes worked out which actors represent best value by calculating how much money they earned per $1 paid for their last three major movies. Four of the top five consist of 's own, which is probably not a surprise considering the studio's reputation for paying their actors in breadcrumbs and Zimbabwean dollars.

Saving Hollywood from Johnny Depp. [Credit: Marvel/Disney]
Saving Hollywood from Johnny Depp. [Credit: Marvel/Disney]

Here's the full list of the five actors making Hollywood's money men even more obscenely wealthy:

  • 1. Chris Evans (made $136 per $1 paid)
  • 2. Chris Pratt (made $125 per $1 paid)
  • 3. Scarlett Johansson (made $89 per $1 paid)
  • 4. Mila Kunis (made $50 per $1 paid)
  • 5. Vin Diesel (made $32 per $1 paid)

Mila Kunis feels like a bit of a surprise, considering all she's done lately is Bad Moms and those hot Jim Beam adverts, but I'm all for it.

One notable absence from the list is Robert Downey Jr., who is as integral to Marvel as Chris Evans or Scar Jo, but earns as much every time he turns up on set as Elon Musk in an entire year. Yay, equality! Also present on the list are Jennifer Aniston ($28), Ben Affleck ($20) and the formerly popular Jennifer Lawrence ($18).

So, to summarize, the bank of Marvel is in pretty good shape, and every single individual mentioned above is far richer than you or I will ever be. Here's a four-minute montage of Mila Kunis's Jim Beam commercials to help numb the pain of that realization.

Chris Evans might be the best-value actor in Hollywood, and Johnny Depp the worst, but does that really mean one is better than the other?


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