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Captain America: Civil War rocked the box office with its theatrical release, earning over $1.1 billion. Finally, it's been released on Blu-Ray and DVD. The big question is: is it worth watching at home, or was it only good on the big screen?

Having watched the movie twice at home already, I can assure you it is still fantastic. Whether you've seen it in theaters or not, Captain America: Civil War is a worthwhile movie to watch — even on the small screen.

While certain parts of the film which rely on shock value aren't as thrilling the second time round, the movie is still great overall. With the film arguably being Marvel's most entertaining film yet, 'To buy or not to buy?' is an easy question to answer. With a movie this good, you can't let this opportunity pass you by.

Here are 5 moments from Captain America: Civil War that are just as good at home as they were in theaters...

Warning: Spoilers for Captain America: Civil War lie ahead!

1. Captain America Stopping Bucky's Helicopter

Image: Disney / Marvel Studios
Image: Disney / Marvel Studios

Just take a look at that photo. Chris Evans is incredible; so is Steve Rogers. Not only was this moment in the film striking because of the incredible physical feat Steve pulled off, but also because of the reason he held onto that helicopter.

Steve had already let Bucky go too many times. He wasn't going to say goodbye to his best friend again. This is a true friend who wants nothing but to bring back his long lost best friend. Plus, just look at those biceps.

2. The Avengers Debating

One of the best parts of Civil War was the fact that it completely split the audience on whose side to be on. This element of debate doesn't need a big screen to hit home. The debates —especially the one between all of the Avengers early in the film — are always intriguing to watch, even at home.

I am a strong supporter of Team Iron Man, but both sides of the War are argued so well in this scene that it still makes me, and most others, doubtful. With no easy answer apparent, you really have to settle for a side, and it's almost impossible to choose which side to be on. This effect is still apparent at home.

3. Zemo's Revelation

Image: Disney / Marvel Studios
Image: Disney / Marvel Studios

That moment near the end of the film where the sh*t hits the fan is still just as powerful at home as it is in theaters. If you've seen the movie, you know exactly what moment I'm talking about.

This shocking twist that completely changes the relationship between Iron Man and Captain America is quite possibly one of the most powerful moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even at home, it still gives me chills.

4. The Chase Scene

Image: Disney / Marvel Studios
Image: Disney / Marvel Studios

Shockingly enough, a chase scene, which is typically known for only being good in theaters, works just as well at home. Why? Because of the dialogue. Far from being just a series of "vrooms" and explosions, the chase scene in Civil War featuring Captain America chasing Black Panther chasing Bucky is still just as entertaining the second time round.

This introduction of Black Panther was done so masterfully that the shock of his arrival still resonates on the small screen. That, and the fun addition of Falcon near the end, make this moment rather entertaining, even from my couch.

5. The Airport Fight

Image: Disney / Marvel Studios
Image: Disney / Marvel Studios

Just as the chase scene is still just as good at home, the airport fight is as well. The fight is perfectly done, giving us a great combination of action, plot and comedy.

Whether it was Spider-Man, Giant Man, War Machine, or Captain America, someone always had the spot light during this incredible fight. The plot was moved forward in a fitting way, while still being thrilling to watch. But let's be honest, I mostly like it just to see Spider-Man shout, "Holy sh*t!"

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Captain America: Civil War is a fantastic movie that I look forward to watching many more times at home. No longer will I have to drive out to the theater to watch this Marvel masterpiece - I can watch it in my living room! If that doesn't make the movie even better, I don't know what can.

Will you be getting Captain America: Civil War at home? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


Will you be getting 'Civil War' at home?


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