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Not all heroes wear capes, or so they say. Captain America is one of Marvel's preeminent superheroes, and it takes a truly talented and noble individual to be able to portray such a persona (which is why Chris Evans was such a perfect casting choice). One cosplayer has definitely earned his shield, quite literally, as you will see, when he started Cap for Kids: a charity fundraiser to help families whose children are battling cancer.

Sterling Bailey, whose own pseudonym is Vorian Cosplay, started Cap for Kids in 2014 after being persuaded to join the cosplay community by his friends whom noticed his likeness to the comic hero Captain America. Around the time Bailey first donned the suit of Marvel's American hero, he heard the story of Lenny — the late cosplayer who would dress as Batman and visit sick children.

In an interview with Cosplay & Coffee, Bailey talks about his cosplay beginnings and the story that inspired him to start his own foundation:

"I ran across a story of this guy –- his name was Lenny — who would go up and down the East Coast with the whole Batman gear, visiting kids in hospitals (in a Lamborghini, no less). I saw the story and it was just so amazing. And I just got to thinking…well shoot; it’s a really good cause. And if Batman can do it, Captain America can do this."

Cap for Kids is a nonprofit public charity that focuses on helping kids with cancer by visiting them at hospitals in their costumes in order to amp up the children's spirits and bring some entertainment to their lives. Cosplayers generally tend to take the roles of their characters seriously when in costume, so imagine the thrill the kids get when Captain America comes into their room.

But, Bailey didn't want to stop there. Visiting the children and meeting their families sparked another wave of hero intuition. He wanted to do more. So he started gathering donations in order to help out the families children with cancer financially. The donations so far have come from 5000 various different events, but their specialty is at comic conventions. Baiely told Cosplay and Coffee:

"Our belief is that if we can help reduce the the financial stress of the families even just a little bit, it’s great. So each family we sponsor we basically pay hospital bills, mortgage payments, car payments, travel costs, food... any kind of thing that our partner organizations don’t already cover. And so that’s the charity. That’s what we do."

At every convention he attends (MegaCon, Dragon Con, etc), Bailey gets a booth for Cap for Kids where they hold — get this — Captain America Shield giveaways!

And these shields are amazing! Each one is handmade by Bailey himself, which is made out of aluminium. They are truly remarkable, movie quality replicas. To top it off, each shield is signed by the father of Marvel and the creator of Captain America himself; Stan Lee.

Cap For Kids is making its mark in the pop culture community, having recently teamed up with the original cosplay queen herself, Jessica Nigri, in a giveaway event.

You can see Bailey's full interview on Cosplay & Coffee, and check out what he's doing for Cap For kids by following him on Instagram at Vorian Cosplay!

What do you think of this cause? Do you know of any more like it? Tell us about it in the comments below!

(Source: Cosplay and Coffee)


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