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For almost ten years, fans have been begging to see Wolverine as part of the MCU. himself stated multiple times his desire to see that happen. In fact, just last month he revealed he would have continued playing Logan if the character had been allowed to play in Marvel Studios' vast sandbox.

Unfortunately for us comic book nerds, that crossover never ended up happening... but that didn't stop and Jackman from tying the two franchises together. Logan is already packed with Easter Eggs, but this small detail might be the biggest one yet: a nod to Captain America.

At the beginning of the film, we are shown Logan as he fulfills his chauffeur duties for different people. One of his destinations is a cemetery, where Gabriela first approaches him to tell him about his daughter/clone, Laura. We actually saw this scene in the trailer, where Logan is drinking as he waits for the ceremony to be over:

[Credit: 20th Century Fox]
[Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Well, the Easter Egg is hiding in the name of the cemetery: Greenwood Cemetery. In the comics, this cemetery houses the bodies of several characters, including (for a time), Sue Storm's. But most importantly, in the Ultimate Marvel comic book universe, Greenwood houses a World War II memorial for .

Ultimate Captain America [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Ultimate Captain America [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes even used the location as a meeting point to catch up on old war stories.

Now, it's important to note that the Greenwood Cemetery tied to Captain America is in New York City, and Texas (where Logan is partially set) has a real-life Greenwood Cemetery. Therefore it's possible James Mangold could have used that location without giving it a second thought given the setting of the film. However, it's too significant of a connection to be a coincidence.

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This possible nod also tells us something very interesting: We know Old Man Logan was the basis for Logan, and in that story, Captain America's nemesis, Red Skull, was the President of the United States. But as we know, the rights to Red Skull (among others in the run) are with Marvel.

Wolverine vs. Red Skull [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Wolverine vs. Red Skull [Credit: Marvel Comics]

So it looks like the filmmakers were trying to pay homage to the run, despite not having the rights to several of the characters that were involved in it. As far as go, this was definitely a great one. It was subtle while carrying a lot of meaning.

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