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Spoilers follow for Captain America: Steve Rogers #1-8 and Civil War II #1-8.

Today's generation is known for being a tad melodramatic on the internet, and the response to Captain America's "hail Hydra" reveal in Captain America: Steve Rogers was no exception. Marvel Comics writer Nick Spencer received death threats, and many fans proclaimed on Twitter that he had ruined their childhood.

As if that weren't bad enough, the outrage was unwarranted, because Cap's new storyline as Hydra's top goon is fantastic. You have every right to hate the direction Marvel's going with Captain America, but it's one hell of a daring story, and it's probably the most interesting thing they currently have going (sorry, IvX). Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 would have absolutely blown almost everyone's minds if it weren't already spoiled by the internet.

Let's take a look a look at what's leading up to Cap's big reveal to the Marvel Universe that he's one evil sh*t, and marvel at some of the despicable things Cap has done in the name of Hydra.

Why Steve Rogers Broke Bad

Pleasant Hill was a facility where S.H.I.E.L.D held dangerous criminals and tried to rehabilitate them by giving them a perfect life — you could look at it as really nice prison. It was powered by Kobik, which was the Cosmic Cube in a little girl's body.

This plan was put in motion by one Dr. Erik Selvig (he's Hydra), and S.H.I.E.L.D couldn't say yes fast enough. Kobik had one true friend the whole time while she was at Pleasant Hill — Father Patrick, a.k.a the Red Skull — and he was always whispering sweet somethings about Hydra in her ears.

Red Skull was sick and tried trying the same tactics against Cap without success. So this time he decided to go for broke and — with the reality-altering Kobik by his side — turned a wounded Steve Rogers into the thing he despises the most.

How Cap Masterminded The Hulk's Death

Cap found out that Ulysses could predict the future, and decided to throw Ulysses off his scent by creating a different threat: the prospect of Bruce Banner going on a rampage, killing heroes left and right. Y'see, Ulysses sees multiple futures all at once and he only reports the most dire of situations. Nothing is set in stone.

So, Dr. Selvig sent Bruce some information about a new Gamma radiation treatment. By having Banner experiment on himself, it could lead to one possible future where the Hulk basically kills everyone.

Cap's plan worked out incredibly well, because Ulysses prioritized this future Hulk as the more likely threat. This ended with Banner's death when Hawkeye decided he was too much of a liability and shot Banner with a special arrow right in the head.

Cap Hatches A Chitauri Queen

In the latest issue of Steve Rogers, Steve (along with S.H.I.E.L.D and Captain Marvel) fought hordes of Chitauri soldiers trying to invade Earth. There were so many Chitauri that it seemed impossible for any of Earth's armies to stand against them — until a young woman named Avril Kincaid, a.k.a Quasar, came to the rescue.

She stopped all of the Chitauri with her Quantum Bands, and this led to Steve Rogers becoming "furious," ostensibly because she's untrained. But we know it's something else.

The Chitauri are mindless creatures that only take orders from their queen — if you can control the queen, then you can control an army that will obey any order. As you can see from the image above, that's exactly what Hydra is trying to accomplish. If their plan succeeds, then Earth's Mightiest Heroes will have their hands full, as anyone who's seen The Avengers can attest:

Where Is The Story Going Next?

Cap has done some truly awful things since his reveal — but at the same time, everything that you loved about Steve Rogers is still present in every action he takes: the persistence, perseverance and determination that what he's doing is right. The only difference is that he's doing it all for Hydra.

Imagine how devastated the Avengers, Ultimates and Champions are going to be when they realize that they've been betrayed this whole time by someone they not only trusted, but loved and followed as well. There aren't too many enemies in the Marvel Universe that could do that kind of damage to our favorite heroes, because he was one of them.

Do you think Captain America will be turned back to a good guy in time to fight this war?


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