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Arnim Zola is back for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and actor has been talking about his transformation for the sequel. Speaking with Coming Soon, Jones talked about how much of Zola we can expect to see in the Marvel flick:

All I can say about it is that I was pleased to be brought back. I thought I might be--because you'd know better than I do--but Zola finds a way to defeat time and you won't be disappointed with the way that's been treated in the film, that's what I would say.

That would be Jones alluding to Zola's headless robotic incarnations. Jones is fantastic actor, so even if he's showing up as a holographic head in the chest of a robot for most of the movie, he'll still be able to work wonders with it. That, and I'm expecting some eye-catching FX for this, too.

Excited for Zola to come into his own and "defeat time", as Jones put it? Let me know what you think!

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