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Mark Newton

When the Marvel Phase 1 Blu-ray box set was released, a load of Phase 2 and 3 character art also hit the net. Surprisingly, none of it actually featured Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, in costume. Hmm, suspicious...

I suppose most of us assumed his look in the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier would be akin to his costume from The Avengers. However, this latest art from ComicBookMovie suggests otherwise. In fact, it looks like Captain America's newest costume might have toned down the whole "America" thing. Take a look below:

Sure, we've still got a few American flags and a darker red, white and blue motif, but generally his suit looks a lot more like a practical uniform than a celebration of the good ol' US of A.

I guess this does make some sense. Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been increasingly described as a superhero political thriller, so with this in mind maybe a more "realistic costume" is to be expected. Cap's superhero teammate, The Falcon, also seems to have received a similar treatment, with concept art depicting him in a dark grey military-esque flying suit.

Are you liking Steve Roger's new look, or do the movie's makers need to stop meddling with the comics? Let me know below.


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