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Is tied to just one person or is he the emblem of a greater idea? Turns out, if you read the comics, Steve Rogers hasn't been Captain America for quite some time now. After 'dying' in 2008 before being found not actually dead two years later, to hanging up his shield as the Cap, the comics have seen the honor transfer to both childhood friend Bucky Rogers and Falcon.

How would this translate to the big screen? Well Kevin Fiege, creator of the , has hinted that there might be a change one day. In an interview with Collider, when asked whether the series needs Rogers to be Captain, he rejoined:

"if we look back at the comic books as our inspiration and as the well from which this all springs, then the answer is “no.”'

Although he doesn't expand on that idea, it seems that Fiege is still open to passing on the mantle. However, there's reason to believe it will happen, as:

It Has Already Been Foreshadowed


The suggestion that Bucky will take over as the Captain can be seen in this deleted scene, where he explicitly mentions that he would like to have the shield:

With ushering in a new way of looking at the MCU, what with different dimensions and being able to time-travel, it would be progressive of the studio to start thinking about shaking up its flag-bearers. Additionally, the fact that no one of note has died yet (sorry Quicksilver) has all but reduced the stakes in each film to almost minimal. A character like Captain America actually dying could be a really progressive move.


Who Do You Want To Be The Next Captain?

Source: Collider


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