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This article contains spoilers from DC's Legends Of Tomorrow.

When Season 2 of Legends Of Tomorrow began, many of our favorite time-traveling superheroes were reeling from the losses they had suffered. The team had lost its captain, Sara had lost Laurel and Mick Rory had lost his partner in crime Leonard Snart.

Plus, Captain Cold sacrificed himself to save his teammates when he blew the Vanishing Point to pieces at the end of Season 1. His death sent shockwaves through the team, affecting everyone — especially Heat Wave, who even saw visions of his fallen friend.

But, judging by the trailer for next week's installment of Legends, it appears that Captain Cold has finally returned from the dead.

A fan-favorite and beloved legend, Captain Cold is sure to please many of the show's fans when he returns, but what does he have in store for his former teammates? Let's take a look at all the questions we should be asking now that Leonard Snart is back on our TV screens.

Is The Real Captain Cold Finally Back?

Since his death last season, we have seen Snart reappear across the entire in flashbacks, visions and even in the Speed Force — mainly due to actor Wentowrth Miller's new contract. But we had yet to see him actually return in the flesh.

However, the upcoming episode of Legends Of Tomorrow seems to suggest that the real Captain Cold has come back to us.

Captain Cold recently appeared in the Speed Force on "The Flash". [Credit: The CW]
Captain Cold recently appeared in the Speed Force on "The Flash". [Credit: The CW]

After all, if you have watched the trailer for the upcoming episode, you will know that the Legends must return to the Vanishing Point — or what's left of it. Last season, the Vanishing Point was the base of operations for the corrupt Time Masters and the location in which the heroic Snart met his end. Thus, it makes sense for him to rear his head back at the place he died. But it raises questions, especially surrounding the fact that he is alive and well. Could he have been alive the whole time, waiting for someone to show up at the Vanishing Point?

From the trailer, he looks like his old villainous self, so while it's possible that he's gone completely rogue, he might just be resentful towards the Legends because they never came back for him.

If this is the real Leonard, you can bet we will all be eagerly awaiting his reunion with Mick. The iconic Rogues shared a bond, and it would be sweet to see them reunite one more time.

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Is He A Side Effect Of The Spear Of Destiny?

Everybody has been consumed by the hunt for the Spear of Destiny this season — the Legion of Doom want to rewrite their fates while the Legends fight to keep it out of their possession. And this week, the latter team came all the closer to their goal as they retrieved yet another fragment. But, with the next episode being titled "Fellowship of the Spear," I have a feeling that we will finally see it pieced back together.

The Legends reassemble the Spear of Destiny. [Credit: The CW]
The Legends reassemble the Spear of Destiny. [Credit: The CW]

With all the pieces back in place, you would imagine that the Spear's power would also be restored — but other than rewriting reality, what kind of power does it possess? The episode's synopsis seems to suggest that when restored to its true form, the Spear can tempt those who possess it:

"The Legends must devise a plan to retrieve the last remaining fragments of the Spear of Destiny from the Legion of Doom... Meanwhile, the team must all resist the temptation of the Spear, and the return of a former teammate."

The wording suggests that the team would not only have to resist the temptations of the Spear but of their former teammate as well. Thus, it's possible that Snart isn't back at all and that the Spear's powers have manifested as him in order to convince the Legends of the power they would have should they wield the it. Could it be trying to show them that they can save Leonard?

Has He Joined The Legion Of Doom?

As the trailer highlights, the Leonard Snart that appears in the upcoming episode of Legends is every bit as sarcastic and vicious as the original Captain Cold in — before he became a time-traveling superhero. But perhaps the most unsettling thing is that he turns his freeze-gun on his former teammates. And that only leaves one possible conclusion: Captain Cold is officially a member of the Legion Of Doom.

Cold as Ice: Captain Cold is back!
Cold as Ice: Captain Cold is back!

While the reason for Snart jumping ship could be down to the fact that he was alive all this time and stranded at the Vanishing Point, the more likely suggestion is that this is simply an earlier timeline version of Captain Cold plucked form the timeline by the Reverse-Flash. But if this is the case, then we have to wonder if it will eventually undo Snart's death and save him — evil or not, he would be from the past and thus, his departure from the timeline would ensure that all of his fated life-events would never happen, including his death.

Captain Cold was a series regular on Season 1 of "Legends Of Tomorrow." [Credit: The CW]
Captain Cold was a series regular on Season 1 of "Legends Of Tomorrow." [Credit: The CW]

While we knew that Snart would appear in the Season 2 finale of Legends Of Tomorrow, his surprise return in the next episode is intriguing. With the Legends' return to the Vanishing Point and the reassembling of the Spear Of Destiny, there are quite a lot of reasons for Captain Cold's miraculous return. But undoubtedly the most exciting possibility is that our heroic Season 1 version of the character just might come back to us — I certainly hope so!

Which version of Captain Cold do you think will appear on Legends Of Tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below!


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