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Ever since his first, camped-up scene in The Flash, Captain Cold has been a firm favorite among fans. Continuing his slow journey from villain to antihero, Snart made the jump from The Flash to the freshman season of Legends Of Tomorrow, where he became a memorable and beloved part of the team. Unfortunately, his role on this show was shortlived, as after struggling with his personal ethics all season, Snart heroically sacrificed himself in the first finale. Yet this was not the end of his story, as an earlier version of the character was lifted from the timeline to play the villain in Season 2, and he's about to make another return in Season 3 — but again, this will not be the Snart we remember.

A Hero's Return For Snart

Showrunner Phil Klemmer spoke to the website DC Legends TV about Snart's role in Season 3, and why he'll be met with a frosty reception from his old partner-in-crime, Mick Rory.

"It will be about as polar opposite as the Snart that he’s played on our show. We’ve got a cool pitch to justify that version of him, which I don’t want to give away. But it’s going to be really traumatic for Mick Rory, because he has deified this version of his dead partner in his head, and in a way, Snart’s return is his greatest wish come true, but the fact that he doesn’t get the version that he’s held in the back of his mind is deeply unsettling. Rory’s made a lot of progress as well in the meantime, but he’s certainly not ready to call himself a hero."

Cramming as many cold puns in as he could, Klemmer enigmatically hinted that this version of Snart will again differ from the one we followed throughout The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow Season 1. But unlike his villainous turn in Season 2, Klemmer seems to suggest that Snart will be much more sympathetic in Season 3.

All of this hinges on how Rory will react to his partner's surprise return. Klemmer explains that this is "traumatic" for Rory, because he's "not ready to call himself a hero." It seems likely that this version of Snart, instead of being the cold, calculating criminal that Rory "deified", has turned away from a life of crime to work for the greater good instead. That certainly would be a shock to Rory's system, as he continues to be plagued by different iterations of his best friend's ghost.

Interestingly, there is an alternate, heroic version of Snart in the comics. In Flashpoint, the alternate timeline that Barry Allen created featured Snart as Citizen Cold, Central City's patron superhero. Of course, when it comes to the Rogues things are rarely as they seem, and as Iris and Wally West investigated, they discovered that Citizen Cold wasn't nearly as squeaky-clean as he appeared to be.

Leonard Snart became Citizen Cold thanks to Flashpoint. [Credit: DC]
Leonard Snart became Citizen Cold thanks to Flashpoint. [Credit: DC]

Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3 will see a similar shift in continuity. Thanks to doubling back on their own timeline in Season 2, the Legends created huge fractures in the spacetime continuum, as we glimpsed in the finale. There's no telling what changes this chaos has caused, and it could very well be that through a strange ripple effect the Legends inadvertently transformed one of their former team-mates into the hero many of them wanted him to be.

However Snart's change of heart came about, it's going to be fascinating to see this new version of the character reunite with his old crew. The loss of Snart from the show has been mourned by fans and the characters alike, although his departure has allowed more focus to be placed on Mick Rory, whose development was a fantastic element of Season 2. Although the good/bad old Snart might be dead and gone, it's good to know that versions of him will continue to challenge Rory to grow — even though this heroic Snart will only appear in a few episodes of Season 3.

Tell us in the comments: Would you like to see Snart return to the team for good?

(Source: DC Legends TV)


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