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Alisha Grauso

As movie franchises have gotten more lucrative, storylines more complex and the internet more invasive, filmmakers have started going to great lengths to hide and obfuscate details surrounding blockbuster productions. Some even go so far as to to leak false information to the media to throw rabid fans off the scent.

Is that what's happening with Star Trek Into Darkness? Many fans certainly seem to think so, with them completely rejecting the notion that is playing villain John Harrison and instead, speculating (and in some cases, practically demanding) that he is playing legendary Star Trek villain Khan. Personally, I'm for telling everyone to just settle down and enjoy the movie for what it is when it hits theaters, rather than charge into it with any preconceived notions and sure to be disappointed. But that's not exactly a fanboy's way, so I digress.

SO, without further adieu, here are two more photo stills from the set, released by the new Star Trek Mobile App (Indiewire):

Really, not much is shown here, but if fans can rally around the whole "Their hands are touching the glass together just like that one scene with Khan; HE'S KHAN" theory, then I wouldn't be surprised if these photos offer intrepid sleuths more evidence to back up that theory further.



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