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While fans are still buzzing about the Black Panther trailer debut, it appears that Marvel Studios won't be slowing down anytime soon. Production dates for Marvel Studios' upcoming films have been revealed, with Avengers 4 and Ant-Man 2 beginning production on July 6 and 17 respectively. is expected to start production on January 8, 2018.

Out of these three films, it seems that Captain Marvel will be one of the most important movies that Marvel Studios has ever done, just like Wonder Woman was to the DCEU and Warner Bros. While Studios has a pretty successful report card, I'm still curious as to see how Captain Marvel will compare to its other films.

How Will The MCU Market The Film?

The answer is simple: The studio will market it like it always does. As big as Marvel Studios has become, executives are smart enough to know how to get the audience's attention. For example, with Spider-Man: Homecoming, the film isn't even out yet and we already see all the ways in which Peter's story connects to the films before him. He's fully immersed even before the film has debuted.

The marketing for Homecoming has been clever to say the least, and I don't believe it'll be any different from how Marvel will approach Captain Marvel. More than likely, Marvel will take its time introducing the character. She may debut in a post-credit scene (my guess is Avengers: Infinity War) and slowly move her into the forefront.

The Risks With Captain Marvel

[Credit: Marvel Comics[
[Credit: Marvel Comics[

While it's safe to assume that Captain Marvel will be great, you also have to consider a few things. One of the risks that follow this film is the lack of familiarity with the character. That being said, Marvel has been known to take risks with titles and characters such as Guardians of The Galaxy, Ant-Man and now with Black Panther.

While those characters weren't as recognizable as Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, or Captain America, Marvel Studios had already built its fanbase up enough to be able to take risks and trust its audiences. Taking those risks paid off and, at this point, I don't doubt Marvel Studios for taking the same risks with Captain Marvel. With Oscar Award-winning actress Brie Larson in the lead role, I think that will certainly help with the general audience.

How Will The General Audience/Fans Feel About Captain Marvel?

It could go either way. Any time a new character is first introduced in a film or a franchise as big as the MCU, it can make people weary. This is especially true for a character like Captain Marvel, who isn't well known to the general audience. However, Marvel has been doing this sort of thing for almost 10 years and I believe the studio is smart enough to know what it's up against.

The DCEU had a similar situation like the one Marvel Studios is in right now. Back when BvS came out, many people wondered about Gal Gadot's acting and doubted her ability to carry a film on her own. Luckily, the film turned out to be a major success and Gal Gadot then became our Wonder Woman. One of the reasons the film was a success is due to the fact that Wonder nWoman has been around for 75 years. Unfortunately, Captain Marvel doesn't have that kind of crutch to lean on, so now it's just a matter of trusting the audience and focusing on giving us a genuine character with a great story.


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