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Matt Carter

's true tale of terror on the high seas, Captain Phillips, has been slipping quietly under the radar for many people's potential movies of the year, but as the latest trailer proves, this film has the potential to be one of standout movies of 2013.

Captain Phillips stars as the skipper who gives himself up to a group of Somali pirates in order to save his crew.

Check out the intense trailer below:


What struck me about this trailer was the balanced portrayal of both the crew and the pirates. I was worried that Captain Phillips would stray into Black Hawk Down territory and portray the antagonists as murderous savages, but clearly that is not the case here. This should come as no surprise though as Greengrass has proven in the past with both Bloody Sunday and United 93 that he can handle sensitive subject matter with delicacy and nuance.

Captain Phillips will be landing in theaters October 11th.


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