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"Captain Planet, he's our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero"

The show about a blue superhero battling toxic waste turns 25. Captain Planet and the Planeteers created by Ted Turner, Robert Larken III and Barbara Pyle aired in the 1990s with a culminating 113 episodes; the second longest cartoon series in the US during that time. Executives Pyle and Nick Boxer, along with voice director Marsha Goodman, voice actors David Coburn (Captain Planet), Joey Dedio (Wheeler), Ed Asner (Hoggish) and environmental activist Oren Lyons held a panel at New York Comic Con on Thursday to celebrate the series.

The TV show was about Gaia, the spirit of planets sending five magical rings to five youths to defend Earth from nature disasters, pollution, and educate others about the harmful destruction occurring on the planet. Kwame — power of Earth, Wheeler — the power of fire, Linka — the power of wind, Gi — the power of water, and Ma-Ti — the power of heart, and all powers combined summon the hero Captain Planet.

Planeteers:Linka, Ma-Ti, Wheeler, Gi, Kwame
Planeteers:Linka, Ma-Ti, Wheeler, Gi, Kwame

Like most heroes, Captain Planet and the Planeteers had to deal with the villains known as the Eco-Villains and Captain Planet's evil counterpart Captain Pollution.


Captain Pollution
Captain Pollution

The show tackled topics such as puppy mills and socio-political issues. The episode "Mind Pollution" discussed drug abuse and "A Formula for Hate" examined the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Captain Planet was the first animated children's series in America to bring awareness to the issue.

The producers changed the show's title to The New Adventures of Captain Planet in 1993 under Hanna-Barbera Productions. Captain Planet's ending credit theme song — written by Nick Boxer — is one of the most memorable themes from the '90s.

Aside from action figures, comics and a Nintendo video game, the producers created the Captain Planet Foundation, an organization dedicated to sustain natural systems, renewable energy, water life, giving grants to environmental projects, teaming up with the National Wildlife Conservation and educating youths nationally and worldwide about maintaining a healthier planet.

In 2013 Sony announced plans for a Captain Planet film, however no details have been released since then. Fans of Captain Planet can still follow the movement and keep up to date with other planeteers here.

The power is yours!

Captain Planet made it his mission to prevent any destruction from happening to the planet. We have to ask where he was during these times:

Which of the planeteers' powers would you most like to wield?


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