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Celebs aren't known for their restraint, and engagement rings are the ultimate celebrations of lavish love. Can you match the scandalously expensive sparklers to their lucky recipients? Test your knowledge of who's wedding who in Hollywood below!

Bow down bitches!

This bootylicious babe proves that you can get what you wish for. After howling from the roof tops that she wanted someone to 'put a ring on it', her multimillionaire boyfriend bowed to her request with this 18-carat square cut sparkler. All the singles ladies must be wringing their hands with jealousy!

is the lucky owner of this eye-popping beauty. Hats off !

A ring for a rose

This 10-carat diamond might have sealed the deal, but things eventually turned frosty between this former couple. Maybe proposing on a glacier wasn't such a good idea...

risked frostbite when he got down on one knee to propose to . He did get 10 years out of it though!

Third time lucky!

This controversial pair have both been engaged multiple times to different people, so lets hope the third times the charm! It better be because the groom to be spent over a year designing this 16-carat sparkler. This humanitarian couple have proclaimed that they will only consider tying the knot when everyone in America is legally able to do the same. After the Supreme Court's landmark decision on the same sex marriage bill last summer, maybe their time will come soon!

and are the engagement happy couple!

He isn't a Bat-chelor anymore!

The trolls were up in arms when this Hollywood hunk was cast as the caped crusader. His acting skills might be in question, but his taste is impeccable. This 4.5-carat sparkler is classic and elegant, just like the bride herself!

presented with this beauty on her birthday back in 2005. Awwwww!

He's bringing sparkly back

This pop star-turned-actor's trouser snake was finally tamed when he proposed at the tail end of 2011. The crooning charmer took his bride-to-be to a snowy mountain top to pop the question with this vintage inspired 6-carat diamond. I hope the box it came it wasn't too big or his girlfriend would have a cause for concern!

must have been thrilled when pulled out an engagement ring instead of a dick in a box. It was Christmas and everything!

Girl with a huge bling ring

Let's hope that nothing was lost in translation when this sexy starlet's French beau asked for her ivory hand in marriage. The pair apparently bonded over their love of art, so it's no wonder this art deco dazzler is so exquisitely tasteful. Oooh la la!

was given this well thought out wonder by her French Journalist fiancé, Romaine Dauriac

Na'vi nuptials!

This on-screen alien must have been feeling anything but blue about her unique engagement ring! An Italian stallion stole this beauties heart and there is no prize for guessing he is an artistic soul. The pair have since married in secret wedding in a London club.

wasted no time getting tying the knot with Italian artist, Marco Perego

Finally, its happened to me!

Okay, so this A-list actress has been married before, but this was probably one of Hollywood's most anticipated engagements. This high priestess of the phantom pregnancy is notoriously unlucky in love, so lets hope her multi-talented beau has the skills to make it to the altar!

put this dazzling bauble on 's itchy ring finger

Bound 2 U!

This notoriously narcissistic pair were determined for all eyes to be on them when it came to their extravagant engagement. not only was the a 50 piece orchestra blasting out a bit of Lana Del Rey and a ring this size of a golf ball, but a whole baseball stadium to celebrate in. oh, and the whole thing was filmed for posterity. Keeping it classy! I can't help but feel that the groom-to-be would rather marry himself...

The understated must have given the Demure permanent finger damage with this $8 million rock.

All I want for Christmas is you... And a freaking huge rock!

I think it's safe to say that this dainty diva bought her own engagement ring! 15-carat diamonds 2cm wide don't come cheap, and you can't just spit out bad rap to rake in that kind of dollar!

gave some pocket money to buy her this typically unassuming ring

Leon on me

This ethical actress stuck to her guns when it came to her engagement ring. This sparkler is made of conflict-free platinum and is true to her ageless elegance. The lucky groom-to-be met his lady love through the graceful art of ballet, lets hope their marriage isn't a big song and dance.

is the proud owner of this stunning circular sparkler. She met her husband, the ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied while she was training for Black Swan

Cuoco for you

I'm just glad this engagement ring is more tasteful than this actress's horrendous wedding dress. Thats all I'm sayin'!

This 2.5-Carat dazzler belongs to who married her tennis star husband, Ryan Sweeting on New Year's Eve 2013.

A love that Bloomed then Kerr-dled

This dainty double wedding band could have been forged from Elvin gold, but even that wasn't enough to guarantee a happy ending. This ethereal Victoria's Secret angel might have lost her swashbuckling spouse, but I hope she knows that isn't the world's end...

bestowed this beauteous band on the gorgeous Amanda Kerr in 2010, but their romance had Kerr-dled by 2013. Sad faces all round.

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