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Everyone's probably heard the breaking tragic news by now that Chandler Riggs, a.k.a. Carl Poppa, a.k.a. Carl Grimes on , will be attending Auburn University next year. With his seven-year contract up and school on the way, things are not looking good for Little Grimes.

If you were on the "die, Carl, die" bandwagon in the first couple of seasons, when he was nothing but a never-stays-in-the-house little dipshit, getting Dale killed, getting shot by a bullet meant for a deer, then you might be rejoicing at that news. But some of us have enjoyed watching him evolve into the badass little serial killer he is today. His one-eyed disregard for all things this season is freaking awesome, and I was really hoping it would end in him offing Negan himself (getting kind of tired of the show following the comics, to be honest). It looks like it might be the other way around.

RICK. Stahp it, RICK.

That's better.

So. What do we do when there's a chance a character might die in the show? We make a list! A list of all the ways could die is totally in order right now.

WARNING: But first...The Walking Dead comics and show spoiler alert.

Let's count 'em down!

Number 3 - Death By Negan

This is where it seems to be heading right now, with Carl and Jesus taking a surprise joyride back to The Sanctuary, the Saviors' permanent, and Daryl's temporary, home. It's highly unlikely that a one-eyed, hat-wearing kid and a dude that looks just like Jesus Christ himself will get in and out of The Sanctuary unnoticed. If and when they get caught, since it's also looking Negan from the show is WAY more vicious than Negan from the comics, one of them just might end up meeting Lucille. Or, at least losing a limb.

Or, that too. Sorry about that whole melting your face, Dwight.

Number 2 – Death By Unknown Savior

In the comics, there's this little (huge) war that breaks out between the Saviors and everyone else when everyone else gets sick of Negan's crap. There are grenades thrown, shots fired, and hostages taken and returned. A woman named Holly, someone not on Negan's side, gets taken hostage, and is given back to Rick so he'll let Negan in the gate.

How wicked would it be if Negan were to keep Carl and Jesus hostage so he can use one or both of them as the undead bargaining chip to get inside Alexandria's gates and attack?

Comic frames altered for your viewing pleasure
Comic frames altered for your viewing pleasure

I doubt Rick would be in any shape to fight Negan if Carl was zombified...or else, he would obliterate everyone singlehandedly. As we all know, he hasn't exactly handled death well and he is almost completely out of f*cks to give this season.

Number 1 - Death By Stake

Instead of meeting , the thirsty vampire bat, Carl could just get staked...

Sorry, was the joke that bad?

This is number one, because if Carl's going to die, and it's going to look like a huge scene from the comics, then this scene will need to be his curtain call. I have no idea how Rick would take it, but it wouldn't be pretty.

In the comics, the Whisperers, those lovely freaks who wear the skins of walkers to walk amongst them, kick off a war with & Co. by decapitating Rosita, Ezekiel, and a few more folks from the various communities, then put their heads on stakes to mark the Whisperers' territorial boundaries. Brutal. For the comic book fans, getting to know Rosita so well, and then BAM!, seeing her dead-alive head snapping away on that stake was pretty devastating. Ezekiel was bad enough, but man. With the classic death-swap the show loves to do, this just might be the best and worst way to send Carl off, if Chandler Riggs can't balance school and work.

Which, let's face it, is hard enough for a normal kid to do, making money and having time for homework. Can you imagine it being much easier for one of the busiest and youngest actors?

All about Carl:

There's Still An Option If Riggs Does Decide To Stay

That about does it. I can't think of any other way for Carl to go out that would have that much of an emotional impact, and keep with the 'comic book death swap' thing the producers love so much.

This is, of course, all assuming Riggs can't balance his college with his work and leaves completely. With the storyline from the comics coming up where Carl goes to the work at the Hilltop as a blacksmith, maybe his screen time will be limited enough that he can go learn all his real-life stuff.

All his stuff and things!

What kind of future do you think Carl has on the show? Let me know in the comments!


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