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Warning: This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead.

There has been a lot of upheaval on the latest season of The Walking Dead with almost every character getting used to their new environment. We've had Maggie take control of The Hilltop Colony with Jesus at her side, Tara discovered a new community that were a little threatening to say the least and, while remaining at Alexandria, Rick and the gang had to adapt to their lifestyle under the tyrannic rule of Negan.

While all of this drama is going on, Carol is recuperating at The Kingdom with Morgan. It's not like we can blame her for taking it easy for a while, Carol has had her fair share of drama herself and this season she has decided to move on with her life by leaving her killer past in the rear view mirror.

However, the mid-season premiere saw the majority of our survivors reunite and are now on a mission to take Negan out once and for all. Under the guide of Jesus, Rick paid King Ezekiel a visit and asked the mysterious leader for his help. Unfortunately, Ezekiel declined Rick's offer but he did soften the blow by offering Daryl a place of sanctuary to hide out from Negan.

Morgan opted not to tell his friends about Carol's presence, likely because he wanted to respect her wish for a new life but now that Daryl is staying a while at The Kingdom it's only envitable that the pair will bump into each other. With Carol successfully beginning again, will Daryl ruin her chances at a fresh start by dragging her back to her former badass self? Yes, it's very likely that Crazy Carol will be making a comeback — here's why.

Daryl And Carol Go Back To The Beginning

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

The Walking Dead has seen a lot of characters come and go over its seven season run but there are still some originals left — the death of Glenn meant that Rick, Daryl, Carl and Carol are now the only characters that have been there since the very beginning. Carol and Daryl have always had a special relationship and whether or not you ship them, there's no denying the pairing's chemistry. Carol has always looked out for Daryl and he has often returned the favor.

When Carol left Alexandria, Daryl took it to heart — he'd lost his best friend. Now, he's living right under her nose and has yet to realize it. When Daryl and Carol do come face to face, there's no doubt that it'll be hard for them to part ways again — Carol may not want to admit it but she needs her friend right now and he needs her too. No matter how much she wants a fresh start, leaving Daryl behind would've had a huge impact on her and now she has a chance to make it right.

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Will Daryl Convince Carol To Return To Her Old Ways?

Will Crazy Carol be making a comeback? [Credit: AMC]
Will Crazy Carol be making a comeback? [Credit: AMC]

Daryl and Carol have a lot of catching up to do — remember, a lot has happened since they last saw each other. Negan took over Alexandria, threatened Carl, Maggie became a leader and Daryl was kidnapped. Of course, the biggest thing that Carol remains unaware of is the fact that Negan heinously murdered Glenn and Abraham. Carol wasn't in a good place when she left Alexandria — she was pretty close to a nervous breakdown, so this news could push her over the edge.

It'll definitely be interesting to see how Carol will react — the news of her friends' deaths will no doubt act as a decision maker for her. She will choose to either continue building herself a fresh start or go back to her old ways and join the battle to take out Negan once and for all, As much as Carol wants to move on, I doubt that she would idly sit back and let Negan away with the murder of her friends, her family. Negan had better prepare to look at the flowers because Crazy Carol will be out for revenge — perhaps she'll bake him up a batch of poisonous cookies.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

There's no telling what will happen when Carol and Daryl re-unite, but there's definitely going to be uproar when she finds out what happened to her friends. Glenn has been with Carol since the very beginning and his death will no doubt bring out the rage and fury that Carol has spent all season suppressing. Daryl has always had influence over Carol and perhaps he will use it to convince her to join the battle against Negan? Let's face it — the Alexandrians don't need the people of the Kingdom, they need Carol. Look at the flowers Negan, look at the flowers.

The Walking Dead airs 9/8c Sundays on AMC. Do you think Daryl will manage to convince Carol to come back to the fight? Tell us in the comments section below.


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