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When famous people die there's typically an outpouring of grief from the wider community. While naysayers may comment that this is a symptom of the "look at me" aspect of social media, there's something affecting about the death of a person who served not merely as a person, but as a symbol or an icon that touched the lives of so many.

Such was the case when Carrie Fisher — the actress, writer and social campaigner best known for her role as Princess/General Leia in Star Wars — died late last year. Fisher passed December 27, 2016, and was shortly followed by her mother, screen legend , who died following a stroke the following day on December 28.

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia [Credit: Disney]
Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia [Credit: Disney]

Though she had few starring roles after her iconic turn as , Fisher touched the hearts of millions through her heartfelt, frank and honest discussions of mental health issues and addiction, including her own bipolar disorder, and the humor with which she faced every obstacle in her incredible life. Dying before her time at only 60 years old, Fisher's death touched people the world over.

We often try to rationalize death, and in a way celebrate the lives of those who have passed. There's been a lot of discussion regarding how Fisher's role in the ongoing Star Wars mythology will be carried out from here on, especially following the revival of Peter Cushing and the young Fisher for Rogue One. But beyond the screen, Fisher's family is taking steps to ensure that she will not be forgotten for the person that she was.

 [Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

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Todd Fisher — Carrie Fisher's younger brother — spoke to People at the opening of the TCM Classic Film Festival this past weekend regarding his sister's legacy. Todd aims to memorialize both his sister Carrie and his mother Debbie in a special way: through the creation of a memorial museum, which will feature a recreation of Carrie's famous writing space.

The digital age has transformed the way we write, but not so much for Carrie Fisher — the author of two plays, six screenplays, four novels and four non-fiction books. Because unlike most contemporary writers, she had a taste for the old-school ways.

When she sat down to write, she did so in her writing room, writing long-hand without a computer. As Todd told People:

"There are a lot of things that we have of Carrie’s that we’re going to put on display in the new museum with Debbie and Carrie. So we are going to rebuild Carrie’s writing room, and we’re actually going to put out her writings, long hand. Carrie did not use a computer. So we’re going to show people the process that she used to create."

The proposed museum, in addition to hosting a recreation of Carrie's writing room, will also feature a collection of mementos that Todd has accrued from his mother and sister's lives. The items will be put on display as a celebration of their lives, allowing people a unique look into the lives of these two icons, from 's early stage costumes before the Princess Leia era, to a collection of her never before seen early writings.

"Carrie wrote little snippets. She wrote little stories, little vignettes of her life. We have a ton of stuff that she wrote … You could actually publish many books on unwritten works of Carrie. We have in the family massive archives on Carrie that are beautiful things that have never been seen."

 [Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

And the final question, how do the Fishers feel about Carrie's image continuing to be used in the franchise? Todd Fisher gave a perfectly beautiful answer to this question, adding that he feels like the franchise is in good hands as it moves forward as part of a new generation.

"George [Lucas] saw something [in Carrie] that nobody else saw. Whatever happens from here on out, the cast is set. You can’t really drift very far. The demand is that the story be told sort of with the legacies that are laid down. It’s lore. It’s biblical stuff. You can’t mess with it. The fans are holding the world responsible. That’s a beautiful thing. I say that Carrie is still with us, the same way that Obi-Wan left, became more powerful."

Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia is One With the Force forever now.

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(Source: People)


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