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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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In the aftermath of the untimely deaths of both Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds which took place within two days of each other from a heart attack and a stroke respectively, the world is becoming an increasingly dark place. With Debbie rising to fame in the '50s by starring in Hollywood classics such as Tammy and the Bachelor and Singing in the Rain, Carrie followed her mothers lead into stardom landing her most iconic role as Princess Leia Organa.

However, Carrie became much more than just another Hollywood actress. Diagnosed as being bi-polar in her twenties and having battled addiction, and to a large extent, herself, her entire life, she was an outstanding advocate for mental health as well as being brutally honest and incredibly funny. Now, details have emerged that before leaving us, has left us with a few final gifts to give us a brave new hope in this Leia-less cruel world.

Carrie Fisher Will Be Appearing In Two Upcoming Family Guy Episodes

Among being an actress (Star Wars, When Harry Met Sally), an author and a scriptwriter (Postcards from the Edge, Hook & Sister Act), Carrie was also a tremendous voice actor. Known for her recurring role as Angela, Peter Griffin's sassy, lecherous boss in Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy, it has been revealed that Carrie will be featuring in a further two Episodes of the modern day classic cartoon.

Seth McFarlane Pays Tribute To 'Smart, Funny' Fisher

Speaking shortly after Carrie's sudden passing, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane made a touching tribute to the Series regular stating:

“Carrie Fisher was smart, funny, talented, surprising, and always a hell of a fun time to be around, Family Guy will miss her immensely.”

Seth's eulogy highlights the fact that even given the tragic circumstances of her death, Carrie Fisher would want to be remembered for being the hilarious, brave and honest woman that she was.

Before Her Death, Carrie Fisher Connected With A Whole New Legion Of Fans

In recent years both Carrie and her dog Gary were a regular feature on various chat Shows promoting either her comeback in Star Wars: The Force Awakens or her recently released book The Princess Diarist, and they became something of an internet phenomenon, encouraging a whole new generation of fans to flock to her glistening altar.

With filming already completed for Star Wars Episode VIII, fans can also expect to see Carrie in her final movie appearance as General Leia Organa, the role that catapulted her to stardom, on 14 December 2017. RIP Carrie Fisher, you'll be greatly missed.


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