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You are the Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon, and you are my daughter.
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The sadness around the horribly premature death of is compounded by the fact that the actress, author and pop cultural icon had so much more to give — but if there's any kind of silver lining to be found in her passing two days after Christmas, it's the knowledge that her legacy on screen lives on. A legacy that will only become complete with the release of three final projects she had been working on prior to her death.

One of those projects is perhaps the most anticipated movie of 2017, but all are a must-see for anybody who counts themselves a fan of Fisher's immense body of work. Let's take a look at where and when you can catch her final performances, and why you'd be crazy to miss out.

1. 'Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds'

As the daughter of Oscar nominee and Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher was essentially a celebrity long before she made Princess Leia an icon, and her relationship with both fame and her parents wasn't always easy. In this HBO documentary helmed by actor Fisher Stevens, Carrie explores that dynamic and how it altered as she herself became a superstar and, more recently, as Reynolds begins to suffer deteriorating health.

This is Carrie Fisher though, so rather than grim the doc is relaxed and offbeat, and strangely poignant at turns. The differences between mother (always in showbiz mode, dressed up like Hollywood royalty) and daughter (sarcastic and self-deprecating) make for quite an amusing 90-minute film. In the wake of both mother and daughter's deaths, though, expect the doc to intensely emotional.

Bright Lights debuts on HBO on Saturday, January 7.

2. 'Catastrophe' Season 3

If you haven't been watching Catastrophe (and chances are you haven't, it being quite a low-profile UK sitcom which just got snapped up by Amazon), you should probably rectify that pretty much immediately — call it a new year's resolution. The premise (a British woman and an American guy decide to make a go of things after a weekend of casual sex results in a pregnancy) is simple, the execution hilarious. Writer and star Sharon Horgan is especially great as the reluctantly pregnant Sharon, trying to get to grips with the baby inside her and her unexpected new relationship.

Horgan persuaded Carrie Fisher to come on board to play her new mother-in-law, Mia (she appeared in four episodes of Seasons 1 and 2), and she recently finished shooting Season 3 in the UK, in which she has a much bigger role. Expect to see it on Amazon Prime later in 2017. If you're looking for a new comedy to get into, Catastrophe is a banger — just don't be surprised if Carrie's scenes hit you right in the feels. (She's fantastic in it, by the way.)

3. 'Family Guy'

Having been part of Family Guy since way back in '05 when she first voiced Angela, Peter's supervisor, who bullies him but harbors a secret crush, which eventually becomes a very awkward three-way sex scene.

Fisher had voiced two more episodes as Angela, both set to air in 2017.

4. 'Star Wars: Episode 8'

The big one. Nobody knows exactly what direction Fisher's role as General Leia Organa in is headed in, but considering she's rumored to have more to do than in The Force Awakens — and she was already the best and most emotional part of that movie — it's not a stretch to imagine that Episode 8 will be a seriously fitting swansong for a career that skyrocketed the moment we first met Leia in that white dress with that ridiculous, amazing hair.

We'll keep you updated with the trailer for Star Wars 8 the moment it drops. The film, as yet untitled, swings into theaters December 15, 2017.

Which of Carrie Fisher's final four projects will you be checking out?


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