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Here's to Hoping the Carrie remake brings more King remakes. In my opinion, this remake is long overdue. And along with it, I hope, comes remakes of some other Stephen King classics, such as The Shining, Salem's Lot, Firestarter, and Christine. Not saying the originals were't amazing, because they were. But with the advancement's in technology and special effects, the movies could look way better than their 70's and 80's counterparts.

Let's breakdown a few of them, and show where the improvements could be made. My first choice is:

1.) Salem's Lot A television attempt at a classic King novel that, in my honest opinion, should've waited to be made. The cast was horrible, David Soul from Starsky & Hutch comes to mind. And the overall effect was not one that pleases the eyes or ears of the viewer. Now I know this was remade in 2004, with Rob Lowe, who was in Kings mini series The Stand, Donald Sutherlund, Samantha Mathis and Rutger Hauer, but once again it was a TV movie. This book deserves a world wide film release. The story is killer. And I firmly believe there is an actual film in this one that is dying to be released. The casting would be relatively easy when you think about it. Ben Mears, the writer who return's home and finds out his town has been turned into a vampire's hangout, could be played by Edward Norton. I could see him filling Rob Lowe's shoes with relative ease. Kurt Barlow, the vampire who bought himself a pawn shop, in my eyes could be played by several people. But my front-runner would have to be Michael Sheen. Now shoot me for using a Twilight actor in this movie. But I think he would be outstanding in this role. Susan Norton is one that I'm stuck on. But Scarlett Johansson comes to mind. Richard Starker, the familiar, who does all of Barlow's daytime activities, would be well played by Alan Arkin, or, and this is a stretch, Christopher Walken. Now the reason I say Walken, is I am a firm believer that Walken can play anything. Yes, Kevin Smith, even the shark in Jaws. With the advancements in special effects, the vampires would look much better. The kills would be far more bloodier. And the overall look of the movie would be far more appealing. Next on my list is:

2.) Firestarter A book about a little girl afflicted by Pyrokenisis. The ability to set things ablaze with her mind. Her father and mother, who are also psychokenetics, and herself are on the run from a government agency called The Shop. Who want to capture the family and use all of their powers for the military. Now this movie, while good, could've been so much better. For the time, child actors were hard to come by, and Drew Barrymore was the logical choice when casting Charlie McGee. But these day's there is no shortage of excellent child actors. It is my belief, that Mackenzie Foy from The Conjuring and Twilight: Breaking Dawn parts 1 & 2 would be outstanding in the role of Charlie, even though she's 12 now, going on 13, she still looks young enough to play the role of Charlie. Her father, played by David Keith in the 80's version could be excellently played by Tom Hardy. I don't care what anyone says, the man is amazing in everything he is in. Vicky Thompson McGee, played by Heather Locklear, could be recast by Blake Lively. Who was outstanding in Savages and was, quite honestly, the only good thing about the movie Hick. John Rainbird is where I get stuck in a big way. But I'd have to go the way of another Twilight cast member and select Gil Birmingham as the emotionless Rainbird, so brilliantly played by the amazing George C. Scott in the original. The effects in this movie were okay for the time it was made. But could you see what they could be like today. The explosions could be on a parallel with some of the best action movies that have came out recently. The Expendables comes to my mind when I think explosions and fire. The CGI would really make this movie pop, where it lacked that for me when I saw it back in the 80's, and just a month ago on television. All in all, I think these could be great remakes. Made by the right people, with the right crew, and with a stellar cast. But all these things depend on scheduling, budget, and availibility of crew and cast members. Notice I didn't pick any directors? That's because I could see only one person making Firestarter, and that would be David Fincher. He's amazing. And the things he did with Fight Club and Seven, make me think he could handle something like this well. As for Salem's Lot. I hadn't made up my mind who I think would be a good fit for this, perhaps someone like Guillermo Del Toro could make this movie exceptional and amazing. Mama was pretty awesome, as was Pan's Labyrinth and The Orphanage. So, this is it. My two picks for remakes of Stephen King movies. I'm sure I can think of more at a different time. Thanks for reading.


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