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Will Wharton

Usually when we hear the dreaded news 'the movie has been delayed', it means that expectations for said movie are lowered just a little bit. Mostly delays mean someone on the production isn't happy with the way something is playing out, or the money has run out, or your star has walked off with the script. Whatever your problem, it's rarely good news when we hear that a movie has been delayed.

Except... sometimes.

It appears as if the producers of the upcoming Carrie remake may have just had dollar signs in their eyes as opposed to the creased brow of worry that we've come to expect from jittery, schedule shifting execs. While originally scheduled to arrive on our screens March 15 2013, it appears that Carrie will now arrive at the prom on October 18th 2013. Why, you ask? Apparently, it's all about timing and impact.

The optimum time for horror movies to hit the cinema is, of course, around Halloween. This means that any movie being released in and around the end of October is going to grab some of that awesome Halloween date-night movie money. Everybody wins, the studios fill their pockets with cash, and pretty much everyone involved goes home relatively happy. Probably more the folks making said money, but still. It's good business.

See you folks in October.


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