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She may have had her big break on reality TV, but given the chance it looks like country singer Carrie Underwood would jump at a role that's a little more dramatic, and undead! During a recent interview on the Today show, the original American Idol winner said that given the choice she would love a walk on role in as a zombie!

[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]
[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]

After revealing herself as a big fan of The Walking Dead, Underwood recounted a story about meeting Negan himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, at the Golden Globes. The seven-time Grammy winner admitted that she was awkward about meeting one of her favorite actors, and after Morgan paid her a compliment, telling her "you look very beautiful," she was only able to offer a "thank you very much - you look like Negan!" in reply, before making a quick exit. "It was kind of awkward," she admitted.

So given that she's such a fan of the series, it seems obvious that she'd be down for a walk on part in the series, but given the choice between being a living survivor or a walker, Underwood may surprise you! "I mean, probably zombie," she said. "Because then it would be like a little thing and I could be like 'I was there,' and 'I was part of it.'"

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But Carrie isn't the first celeb who's keen for a slice of the walker action, former UFC fighter, Ronda Rousey also admitted last year that as a fan of anything post-apocalypse, she'd love to be on the show and "shoot things all day." Meanwhile actor John Cusack is also eager for a call up (and a quick death), and Mads Mikkelsen admitting his love for anything to do with the zombie genre.

Given that we're yet to see any zombified celebrities in the Walking Dead universe à la Bill Murray in Zombieland, perhaps there's something in the idea of having a celeb pop up in an episode or two in the future. That could be cool. What do you think?

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 9 on February 12


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