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Of all of the movies in the Pixar Universe, the Cars movies have always been the most confusing to understand. Most of the other Pixar movies take place in the real world, whether it be in a child's mind or even through the perspective of toys. Regardless, they always have taken place on Earth.

So, when Cars came into the picture, things became harder to understand. After all, the infamous Pixar Theory claims that all movies somehow take place in the same universe. Whether you believe that or not, the addition of completely throws away the sense of the movies being in the real world. Instead, you have what looks like an extremely touched-up version of the Chevron cars they would show when in line for Autotopia at Disneyland.

[Credit: Chevron]
[Credit: Chevron]

Not only that, but the Cars movies raise a handful (or should I say a car-load) of questions about the cars themselves. How do they eat? How are they born? How do they go to the bathroom?

'Cars' [Credit: Disney/Pixar]
'Cars' [Credit: Disney/Pixar]

Now, we have seen the cars do some sort of eating before, as seen at Flo's V8 Cafe in the movies. However, it is never actually explained how the cars consume a food-based product in the movies. Luckily, director Brian Fee has given us somewhat of an explanation as to why none of this has ever been seen before.

In an interview with Cinemablend, Fee was asked why the cars are never seen eating food. To that, he answered:

"You don't want to see that. There's a lot of things we just don't say. Just stay clear of those. One of the things is that our cars don't have immediate parents. We can refer to, we can use words like my aunt and my uncle because somehow that works, but if we say my mom or dad UHHH, because you start thinking. Once you start thinking about where these things come from, you're no longer with the story."

His answer makes a lot of sense, actually. There are plenty of questions about the Cars movies that should remain unanswered. Otherwise, it just ruins what is being watched. The same can be said for any animated kids movie, but with the Cars movies, it makes more sense that questions remain unanswered since it is so different from the other Pixar movies.

Fee actually goes on to explain how they determine what is talked about in the Cars movies, explaining what the limitations are.

"We have our own threshold of, ahhh, stay away from that. And we push the limits, we do some things in this movie that we haven't done in previous movies. We use words that are kind of humanistic. We refer to someone as 'boy' a word that's very human. But the opposite is if we refer to them as car, it can quickly get 'smurfy' if you start substituting words that we refer to in human language as people to things...Sometimes you just go with it, you know what it means and you just go with it."

'Cars' [Credit Disney/Pixar]
'Cars' [Credit Disney/Pixar]

So, while there are no real genders in the Cars movies, it is something they can't say isn't there. The thing with the Cars movies is that they are so open to interpretation that the filmmakers have decided to do the exact opposite and explain absolutely none of it. And honestly, it is probably for the better.

After all, the movie is about cars coming to life. There needs to be some suspension of disbelief while watching these movies. Not only that, but a new Pixar movie comes out almost every year, so by the time the next one does release, people will have moved on from asking why the cars in Cars can't eat, as we all should.

So what do you think? Do you want to know why the cars in Cars can't eat? Are there any other things you are curious if they can do? Should this even be a discussion? Let me know your thoughts down below!


Do you think the cars in 'Cars' eat food?

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