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Have you ever thought about a crossover so strange yet so amazing, that you can't possibly imagine it happening in real life, yet you can't imagine yourself not watching it? Well, get ready for one of that kind: the Cars franchise meets the Dark Knight himself, .

Disney and Warner Bros. are strong competitors, especially when it comes to their cinematic superhero franchises, but both studios could have put their competing franchises aside and unite for this year's (sorta).

The DC/Disney Crossover We Never Expected

Cars 3 director, , sat down for an interview with Screen Junkies News (above) to discuss the Cars franchise. During the interview, the director revealed Cars 3 was originally supposed to feature various Batmobiles as real life actors, living it up in the franchise's motorized version of Los Angeles:

"At one point, part of the story took place in LA. And we had a scene where McQueen went to a Hollywood hills party and it was full of actors, and then so we had the old Batmobile and the new Batmobile. They were talking to each other at a party. They were the actors of the world."

Great, now I want a race between Lightning McQueen and the '66 Batmobile, and I also want to see a buddy-cop film starring an old and new Batmobile. Anyhow, if this got you as giddy as it got me, you may be wondering:

Why Didn't This Splash Of Awesomeness Happen?

If you've seen the film, you know never travels to LA. But the Batmobiles' absence isn't due to their scene getting left on the cutting room floor. The director was asked if copyright had anything to do with this awesome scene not becoming a reality. He stated:

"[Licensing is] always complicated. There are multiple levels to that. There's a lot of people holding onto..."

Now, before anyone gets their pitchforks ready for any given studio –– as has been covered numerous times in the past –– there's no animosity between Disney and DC, and the not appearing in the movie has nothing to do with conflict between the companies.

Ultimately, it's not exactly likely we'll get these two titans mixing their characters together at any point in the near future, due to today's competitive franchise environment. But there you have it, that's the connection and DC Comics would have shared.

Going by the interview, it seems to have come entirely from the director's mind, but hopefully one day we'll be able to see how such a crossover would have worked.

Cars 3 is currently in theaters, so be sure to catch it.

Would you have liked to see DC and Disney unite for Cars? Which Batmobile would you have liked to see animated in Cars style? Let me know in the comments!


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