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Another day, and momentum carries the Ben Affleck Batman pendulum in the opposite direction, swinging from "no, wait, he's definitely going to be Batman" to "wait, no, he's definitely not going to be Batman." Only a matter of weeks after Bruce Wayne himself reassured fans that he is committed to the role, his brother, Casey Affleck, has let slip in an interview that Batfleck won't feature in The Batman.

It feels like from the moment Affleck was announced as the Caped Crusader back in 2013, there has been speculation on how long he'd continue in the role. After a well-received debut in the 's Batman v Superman, Affleck had a small cameo in Suicide Squad, and will return for the ensemble flick, Justice League, in November this year. But the main cause of confusion surrounds The Dark Knight's planned solo film.

Cracks have been appearing in the road to 's production for a while, beginning earlier this year when Affleck announced that he wouldn't direct the film as originally planned. Subsequently, a rumor surfaced from a "DC insider" that he'd quit the lead role too. It was later revealed that replacement director Matt Reeves threw out the original script, starting again from scratch... after sources claimed they were happy with it.

Will He Stay Or Will He Go?

Step forward a couple of months toward the summer, and the pendulum continued to swing toward "no, he's definitely not going to be Batman" after news reports emerged claiming the dissatisfaction was at the hands of the studio, Warner Bros. Reportedly, studio insiders were seriously considering replacing Affleck because, at 45-years-old (as of yesterday), he is too old to play the role.

Then, *deep breath* the pendulum was actively forced back into the "no, wait, he's definitely going to be Batman" camp after Affleck told fans during San Diego Comic Con that he felt was the "greatest f*cking part in the world" and that he was fully in. That was followed by news he'd signed on to Matt Reeve's DCEU-set Batman trilogy.

In the latest swing of momentum, during an interview with WEEI Sports Radio, Casey Affleck was questioned on whether his brother would be returning, fuelled by recent rumors of his departure. After joking that he was an "okay" Batman, the Manchester by the Sea star said:

"No, I thought he was great. He was great. He’s a hero, so he had something to channel and work with there. But he’s not going to do that movie, I don’t think. Sorry to say. Is that breaking news? Because I was just kind of making that up, I don’t know."

Yikes. Casey Affleck's comments aren't definitive enough to tear the bob from the string and disarm the pendulum completely, but they are telling. Either this was a genuine slip-up, and he's leaked his brother's plan before an official announcement, or he's simply trolling fans, fully aware of the nature of consistent, conflicting reports.

No one knows the status of the role until there is an official confirmation one way or the other. But due to the constant back and forth, there are clearly some issues behind closed doors. It's safe to say Ben Affleck won't be too pleased with his younger brother's remark; unless he's in on the trolling, too.

Should Ben Affleck stay on as the DCEU's Batman?

(Source: WEEI Sports Radio)


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