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Viewers are fascinated with true crime stories. It's one of the many reasons why television shows like , and are so popular. We want to go behind the scenes of the stories on the news, to dig deeper than what a newspaper journalist can tell us in a single article. And perhaps discover new information that will answer lingering questions we have.

With that said, it should come as no surprise that Investigation Discovery's documentary, Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery, broke ratings records for the network, becoming the best series debut in network history. Even with all of the coverage of 's trial, which took place in 2011, this is one subject that will never be completely covered — because either a murderer was acquitted or one has never been arrested.

And even though the docuseries provided never-before-seen footage and interviews, the question still looms: was Caylee Anthony killed or was her death an accident?

Viewers wanted more answers to go with the questions they still have, but mostly, people want justice for the little girl — and as long as there is a breaking piece of news or a tidbit of knowledge, viewers will tune in. Because Caylee's death was ruled as being from "undetermined means," we may never know what happened to the two-year-old, and documentaries like this one return the focus to the unsolved mystery, ensuring the public will never forget about the toddler.

In the future, it's possible the truth will come out, whether through a new piece of evidence, a witness who has yet to speak, or the confession of an anguished soul. As long as the spotlight remains illuminated, there's always hope.

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