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The US rights to director ' Shiver has been picked up by Image Entertainment. stars, alongside scream queen .

Here's the synopsis for Shiver:

Wendy Alden, a young secretary in Portland lacking in self- confidence becomes victim of a savage killer who has claimed the lives of a number of other women. Somehow Wendy finds the resources of courage to fight back and escape and finally confront the monster of her living nightmare in a nerve shattering climax.

Casper van Dien is no stranger to horror and sci-fi. When we talked to him, the only thing on our brain was Starship Troopers. Still, I wonder if people like Danielle Harris ever get tired of the whole wake-up-in-a-cold-sweat-and-screaming thing.

Here's the trailer for Shiver:

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What do you guys think? I was watching this and was like, "Whoa, Rae Dawn Chong."


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