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The trailer arrived without warning earlier this week, followed by a mysterious interactive Instagram account and now Netflix's brand new series The OA will be released just days after we learned of its existence.

The synopsis for the show, which is directed by Zal Batmangliij, tells us it'll center in on a girl name Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling), who returns to her home town after going missing years prior. But the mystery deepens when Prairie, who was blind when she went missing, resurfaces with her sight restored. With Prairie unwilling to talk to anyone about where she's been for the last seven years, the mystery soon turns dark. If you haven't seen the trailer for this strange new series, take a peek below:

With such dearth of information, there's been some wild speculation and educated guesses about what The OA might really be about, and at this point in time everything is as likely as it is unlikely. However, one thing we do know is who will star in this upcoming mystery series. Check out the cast for Netflix's new series The OA, as well as the little information we know about some of the characters:

Brit Marling – Prairie Johnson

Who does does she play? Marling plays the lead role of Prairie Johnson, who returns to her home town with her sight restored after being missing for seven years.

Where do you know her from? Political Disasters, Sound of My Voice, Another Earth, Community, The Company You Keep, The East, The Better Angels, I Origins, The Keeping Room, Posthumous, Babylon.

See also:

Scott Wilson – Abel Johnson

Scott Wilson in The Walking Dead [AMC]
Scott Wilson in The Walking Dead [AMC]

Who does does he play? Wilson will play Prairie's adoptive father, Abel.

Where do you know him from? In Cold Blood, The Great Gatsby, The Right Stuff, A Year of the Quiet Sun, Blue City, Young Guns II, The Exorcist III, Pure Luck, Dead Man Walking, Shiloh, G.I. Jane, The Animal, Pearl Harbor, Monster, Junebug, The Sensation of Sight, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Bottleworld, The Walking Dead, Bosch and Damien.

Will Brill – Scott Brown

Will Brill on far left [SeeThink Films]
Will Brill on far left [SeeThink Films]

Where do you know him from? King Kelly, Beside Still Waters, Up the River, Don't Worry Baby. Gotham, The Blacklist, The Knick, Elementary, The Eyes of My Mother and Person of Interest.

Brendan Meyer – Jesse

Where do you know him from? Blood Ties, Dinosapien, The Assistants, Tooth Fairy, Cedar Cove, Garage Sale Mystery, Leap 4 Your Life, Mr. Young, R.L. Stine's The Haunting House, The 100, Starving in Suburbia, Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462, iZombie, [email protected] and Parker and the Crew.

Emory Cohen – Homer

Where do you know him from? Afterschool, The Hungry Ghosts, The Place Beyond the Pines, Smash, The Gambler, Brooklyn, Stealing Cats, Detour, Vincent N Roxxy and The Duel.

Patrick Gibson – Steve Winchell

Where do you know him from? The Tudors, Neverland, What Richard Did, The Passing Bell, Cherry Tree, Property of the State, Their Finest.

Brandon Perea – French

Who does does he play? Perea has been cast in the role of French, a high school senior who plays on the lacrosse team. French is an Ivy League candidate with aspirations of studying microbiology and chemistry, but he also struggles with a troubled home life.

Where do you know him from? Dance Camp

Ian Alexander – Buck Vu

Where do you know him from? This is Ian's first credit!

The OA will be released worldwide on Netflix on December 16.


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