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Spoiler alert: If you'd like to watch the final season fresh (or haven't yet watched the finale of Season 7), click away now!

Executive producer Sara Colleton has told journalists that it's 'going to be a no-holds-barred year' on Dexter Season 8.

Sunday's return set the stakes nail-bitingly high for the final season. Dexter's sister Deb has hit rock bottom after leaving Miami Metro to work for a private investigator – she's now dabbling in drugs, sleeping with lowlifes she should be bringing to justice and getting caught up in a seedy underworld. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why she's behaving so erratically - she's still coming to terms with her decision to kill LaGuerta and protect her brother, so relations are a little frosty (to say the least) between the siblings.

Recently the cast of Dexter opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about their take on the final season.

(Deb) has some definite ideas about how she wants her character to end up: 'I've been pretty vocal about how I'd like Deb to wrap up...I think she should be cremated; she should die and I only say that for my own selfish reasons because I feel like it would be really hard to live my life imagining that something was left undone with her. That's the swiftest way to put it to bed.'

The cast discussed whether it's even possible for both Deb and Dexter to survive the season...

(Dexter): 'Anything is possible and that's always been true in the storytelling.' Jennifer Carpenter (Deb) added: 'Considering what they've both survived up to this point, yes. I have every hope that they will!' However, showrunner warned audiences that Dexter and Deb's relationship would become 'increasingly complicated' as the season progressed, but that 'Eventually they do find their way back to each other.' Hmm – seems a bit of a slippery way of avoiding telling us whether either of them kick the bucket!

Sunday's season opening introduced as the lady who helped Harry () create the code by which Dexter learned to control and use his murderous impulses for good. James Remar explained the fundamental difference between Dexter and Deb: 'Deb isn't a psychopath and has a conscience and is not traumatized in the manner that Dexter was as such a small child, which is what we've been expressing: the roots of Dexter's pathology...That he witnessed his mother's brutal murder and he sat in a pool of her blood with his crazy brother for three days and something snapped. Dexter's equipment, if you will, for feeling and emoting is broken, whereas Debra's is not.'

Some light relief will be provided by C.S. Lee's pervy forensics investigator, Vince Masuka. Lee has confessed that he'd like to see his story end with Masuka getting a girlfriend or a wife! 'I don't know if we'll see that but who knows,' he said. 'We're going to see some things with Masuka this year that we haven't seen before. It's a very fun and interesting premise that the writers have set up and I hope people enjoy it.'

One familiar face was missing from the first episode the final season: Hannah! She was nowhere to be found, but actress has confirmed it's not 'if' but 'when' she'll be back. 'She's kind of a psycho, kind of in love with him and a lot of different things. She comes back to stir it up'. We're not sure that Dexter actually needs much more stirring up, but hey, we always like a bit of girl-trouble!

Did you watch the first episode of Season 8, and if so, was it what you were expecting? Let us know below.


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