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Matt Carter

Following last week's story that was being lined up for the lead in 's Ant-Man, it was assumed that the funny man would be playing Hank Pym in the movie. However the guys over at Bludhaven Banter have spotted a casting call that suggests it could be Scott Lang, and not Pym, that is the focus of the film.

The casting call is for a young girl, aged 6-9, who is intelligent and appealing. Does anybody else think that description could fit Scott Lang’s daughter, Cassie Lang?

Wright admitted a while back that Hank Pym will appear in the movie, but never confirmed whether he'll be the main Ant-Man. In the comic Scott Lang stole Pym's Ant-Man uniform and shrinking gas canisters in order to rescue the only doctor that was capable of helping his seriously ill daughter. So if this casting call is actually for Cassie Lang, it suggests that we could be getting a Scott Lang-centered Ant-Man story.




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