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After more than 30 years, is still Hollywood's go-to action hero. He may be tiny, but if May 7 Blu-ray release of Jack Reacher and the current success of Oblivion prove one thing, it's that he still packs a massive punch.

While some thespians pass the action torch to new talent, Cruise soldiers on. At 50-years-old, seeing him on the big screen is still an awesome treat for filmgoers. He has a list of flicks under his belt that put him in the company of Hollywood's finest. Yet, something separates his brand of badass him from the likes of , , , and the others. As so many once-bankable action stars ungracefully age out of the genre, Cruise reclaims it, and goes on doing what he does best.

To celebrate the ageless icon, we've compiled an awesome poster featuring our favorite movie triumphs of the immortal action hotshot. Take a look!

What are your favorite Cruise roles? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to click the image to enlarge.


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