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Matt Carter

is teaming up with Iron Man director for tasty indie comedy, Chef, according to Variety. Favreau is directing from his own script and will also star in the movie, which follows a man (Favreau) who loses his chef job and starts up a food truck to reclaim his artistic promise. RDJ will join stars , Sofia Vergara, and on the movie, with production on due to kick off July 8th.

Thanks to Iron Man, RDJ became a worldwide box office smash and a bona fide Hollywood superstar but I'm really looking forward to seeing him do something less explodey. Don't forget, before all the running and jumping and superhero stuff he garnered an Oscar nomination for his stellar performance in Chaplin. RDJ's certainly got game. Chef also marks the return of Favreau to his indie roots and is his first directing gig since 2011's disappointing Cowboys & Aliens.



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