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In what is becoming a trend for him, British actor is signing on for yet another bloodsucker-based role. After starring as the future President's vampire sidekick in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter last year, the actor has just signed on for Universal's Dracula Untold (formerly known as Dracula Year Zero). But not as Dracula - or rather, Vlad the Impaler; that role has already gone to .

The story follows that of real-life Prince Vlad of Transylvania (no doubt a much-Hollywoodized version of events) and his transformation into legendary and terrifying despot Vlad the Impaler, upon which the myths of Dracula were based. As his wife and child are in danger from a despicable Turkish sultan, Vlad goes to extreme lengths to save his family, including giving up his soul to save them.

There's not much we know about this film, other than that Evans is the lead, and both Cooper and are on board in unspecified roles with relative unknown directing, making the jump from commercials to feature films. Might Gadon be playing his wife? It seems likely in a film that doesn't look to have many female roles.

That's virtually all we know regarding this film so far, so click [[follow]] and we'll bring you the lastest news on the bloodthirsty warlord.


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