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Irish actress has squashed suggestions that she'll be playing Scarlet Witch in 's The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Early rumors coming out of Marvel HQ had suggested that The Host star was seen as the "prototype" for the role and Ronan herself had earlier expressed her enthusiasm for joining the superhero ensemble sequel. However when asked in an interview with IFTN if there was any truth in the rumor that she was in line to play Scarlet Witch, Ronan revealed:

That’s not happening, no! I think that was just one of those little rumours floating about.

I'm a big fan of the hard-working actress and she's shown what a phenomenal talent she is through outstanding turns in Atonement, Hanna and the recent vampire flick Byzantium. It would have been great to see her team up the and the gang, but in Joss Whedon we trust. If he believes he has somebody more appropriate for the role, then I'm happy to defer to his better judgement.

Hopefully we'll get some The Avengers 2 news at Comic-Con, so stick close and we'll bring you the latest developments as and when they land.

With Ronan now out of the running to play Scarlet Witch who would you guys like to see land the role?

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