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For the first two seasons of Supergirl, Cat Grant (played effortlessly by Calista Flockhart) was known as "the queen of media." Head of Catco Worldwide Media, she ran her company like she ran her life: efficiently and without compromise. She was in total control of her world, and when she left National City, a bright light went out.

So when showrunners Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner confirmed that Flockhart would appear in the Season 3 premiere — and would recur throughout the season — fans were understandably excited. But the CW's new "DC Heroes Super Season" promo showed a different Cat Grant, standing behind a podium at the White House, presumably taking questions from reporters in the press briefing room.

So the assumption is Grant may be the new communications director for President Marsdin (Lynda Carter).

But if this is the case, it begs the question: why would a woman with Grant's capabilities and means step down as "queen of media" to do P.R. for the president? And does Supergirl really expect us to believe Cat Grant would ever be satisfied not being in control?

Calista Flockhart has portrayed Cat Grant as a capable, virtually indestructible woman with a keen sense of who she is, extraordinary intelligence, and complete comfort in being one of the most powerful women in National City. As such, the character has been a role model for young girls, showing them a woman at the top of her game, looking up to no one.

Now, Supergirl is going to bring her back as a staff member at the White House, fielding questions from eager reporters and virtually stripping away her accomplishments. While others might think of this as a promotion for the character — as it is working for the president — there are those of us who find it difficult to believe that someone of Cat's caliber would be comfortable in any other position than at the top. And we all know how little patience she has for questions. So this new job/assignment simply doesn't make sense.

If Cat Grant can only appear in a few episodes this season, wouldn't she be better served back behind her desk at CatCo, whipping the company back into shape and restoring Kara's faith in herself as a human since she had to let Mon-El go? It's evident to most of us fans that Kara will need the wisdom that only Cat can provide.

Perhaps this is a temporary job for Cat — and if that's the case, we'll grin and bear it — but Catco is where she belongs. National City needs a woman in a position of power again, one who isn't afraid to speak her mind and will stop at nothing to solve a problem. What it doesn't need is more focus on the White House.

What do you think about Cat Grant's potential new position?

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