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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Season 2 of Supergirl.

Supergirl may have only just moved over to The CW but the second season of the hit superhero drama is already making the headlines for its better storylines, new characters and the introduction of Superman himself. While Superman and Supergirl were busy kicking butt in the second episode — something that they do so well together — Cat Grant was packing up and getting ready to leave National City. I know, I'm not happy about it either.

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During her time on Supergirl, Cat Grant became Kara's moral compass and Ally McBeal legend Calista Flockhart is simply marvelous in this role. Although Flockhart and her character will recur throughout the second season, Supergirl will definitely suffer without her. However, her upcoming absence has made me suspicious about what the character plans to do. I know she's mainly being written out due to Flockhart being unable to commute to Vancouver on a regular basis, but I wonder what the character will get up to in her absence and how this play into her intermittent returns.

Cat Is Soul Searching

What will Cat do next? (via The CW)
What will Cat do next? (via The CW)

Cat told Kara in the latest episode that she's accomplished all that she wants out of life but now she wants to take the plunge and try something different. With her company put in Jimmy Olsen's control, Cat will likely leave the city in an attempt to start a new adventure. Perhaps she will start up another CatCo company in another city? She is a well known name in the media industry so such an option would certainly be viable.

I think it's really awesome that the writers have painted the character as wanting to continue to thrive as opposed to living off the millions she's no doubt already made — Cat wants to get the most out of life and although she is already a huge success, she wants to be the best possible version of herself and for that she deserves to be commended. She's searching her soul to find out what's next for her — to get more out of life. Funny, that almost sounds like the Ally McBeal theme tune.

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Could Cat Move To Metropolis?

Cat bids farewell to Kara and breaks our hearts doing so. (via The CW)
Cat bids farewell to Kara and breaks our hearts doing so. (via The CW)

While Cat was getting her company in order before she departed, Supergirl fans got the first ever glimpse of Metropolis which actually led to Clark Kent coming to National City. However, Clark returned home at the end of the last episode where he was immediately thrown back into the hardship of life under Perry White's command. Considering there was such a large focus on the city of Metropolis, the Daily Planet and Perry White, could we perhaps see Cat moving to the bigger city for the next chapter in her illustrious career?

It's quite possible. In the comics the character lives in Metropolis and features largely in Clark Kent's life. Perhaps the show will follow comic cannon and make her a huge success in the Man of Steel's city. Maybe she will end up working alongside her frenemy Perry White at the Daily Planet, who wouldn't love that? Although it was much more of a prominent issue in the comics, Cat certainly has a crush on Clark so if she were to end up working at the Daily Planet then it would certainly give her the opportunity for many more funny jokes and florid texts. That'd be great. It's a shame she'll be off-screen but regular updates from Clark about the character would definitely be welcomed.

There is a whole world out there for Cat. (via The CW)
There is a whole world out there for Cat. (via The CW)

Moreover, a move to Metropolis could open up a lot of possibilities for the character and quite possibly for Flockhart too — If Tyler Hoechlin's Superman does get his own CW show then there is no reason that Flockhart's Cat couldn't show up there. Building an empire is definitely a possibility for the character and there is no better place to start than Metropolis with the help of her friends at the Daily Planet.

If such a show ever did materialize, recurring or not, it is likely that Flockhart and her character would pop up on numerous occasions. That would give the character the opportunity to broaden her horizons on screen as opposed to off-screen.The CW is becoming central so there is no reason that Flockhart couldn't pop up on several shows.

Don't stay away too long, Miss. Grant. (via CBS)
Don't stay away too long, Miss. Grant. (via CBS)

Cat's company may have been left in the hands of Jimmy Olsen and Kara may have a new mentor in Snapper Carr but neither of the two possess the electricity and elegance of Cat Grant. We'll definitely miss her no nonsense attitude, her high end wardrobe and her ability to be flawless in no matter what she does. Although we have the arrival of the equally as flawless Lynda Carter in the next episode, Flockhart's absence will certainly affect the show in a way that could be devastating — for us too. Don't stay away too long, Cat!

Supergirl airs Mondays on The CW. How do you feel about Cat's temporary departure from the show? Tell me in the comment section below and no need to hold back. I'm not crying, you're crying.


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