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When it was announced that Supergirl was moving from CBS to The CW, the majority of the show's fans were delighted with this news. In theory, this move would allow the writers much more freedom and additionally the show would be able to crossover with Arrow, The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow on a regular basis. In reality, the move has been a super success with Supergirl bringing in large viewing figures for The CW. Moreover, Season 2 of the drama has incorporated several other Comics' characters into their storyline — including the Man of Steel himself, Superman as well as Lena Luthor.

However, the production of CBS' programming takes place in Los Angeles whereas The CW film their superhero shows in Vancouver — this meant that the show had to move production to Vancouver for Season 2. As a result, Supergirl lost one of it's major stars — Calista Flockhart and her ever endearing character Cat Grant. However, the producers were able to negotiate a deal with the Ally McBeal actress that allowed her to remain on the show in a recurring status.

However, Flockhart has only been in seen in the first two episodes of Season 2 which saw Cat Grant bid farewell to National City, embarking on a new adventure. Viewers were under the impression that Cat would pop up again a few episodes later but another appearance from the character has yet to materialize.

In a new interview, Supergirl's executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed that seeing Cat again is definitely a possibility for the show.

"We're working on it...We love Calista, she loves us, she loves the show. She has other commitments, and family, and whatnot. But we're trying to work it out."

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[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

Kreisberg's comments give fans of Cat Grant and the actress hope for the future. Cat was such a major part of Supergirl during its first season, mentoring Kara Zor-El and molding the unassuming assistant into the hero that she has become with her cheeky words of wisdom. Although Season 2 has made many improvements for the show as a whole, Supergirl has definitely suffered without Flockhart's character and her hilarious quips.

As much as we were hoping to see Flockhart back in the second season, don't get your hopes up. Kreisberg revealed that if Cat Grant does return to National City it will likely be during the show's third season. The CW renewed all of their superhero dramas for another season so at least there is still hope of seeing the character in the future. Kreisberg said:

"I wouldn't put money on seeing Cat again this season." He explained, before joking. "But if you do, keep the wager under $1."

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

With the second season of Supergirl running out of episodes, it's unlikely that we will see Calista Flokchart return on this season. However, there is no denying that Cat Grant has left a huge hole and Jimmy Olsen and Snapper Carr are simply unable to replicate Cat's presence or Flockhart's star power.

It's a shame really because the superhero show has pursued some great storylines this year including the introduction of Mon-El and Alex's super powerful coming out storyline, not to mention Lynda Carter's wondrous appearance as the President of the United States. We can only hope that Flockhart can come to another arrangement with the Supergirl execs because as much as we love the show, it's just not the same without her.

Supergirl airs Mondays on The CW. Do you think Cat Grant's absence has affected the show? Tell us in the comment section below.



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