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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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There was once a time when I thought the gayest thing I'd ever seen was Burlesque, but oh, how distant that Cher-tastic memory now is. Sweeping in like Elton John astride a rhinestone unicorn, 2017 has glitter bombed us into a fiery pit of molten rainbow and presented us with the gayest event this side of Brokeback Mountain: Cate Blanchett dressed in Marlene Dietrich drag, lip syncing for her life, to Dusty Springfield, at the Stonewall inn.

Yes, from the woman who brought the grandame of lesbian glove lunches to life on the big screen, now comes one of the most iconic moments in gay history - and all, of course, for a charitable cause. How do you like those flamboyantly fruity lemons Trump's America?

Cate's Stonewall Performance Confirmed Her Status As A Closeted Lesbian Icon

Emerging from a dazzling shimmering curtain, bedecked in an open-bust blazer and gold sequined brassiere, Cate sashayed on to the stage and took a good long read of her audience before breaking out like a hot, campy rash into Dusty's queer anthem, 'You don't own me.'

Having played the painfully closeted '50s socialite Carol Aird in Todd Hayne's celebrated movie, Carol, Cate's choice to lip sync to well-known '60s closeted lesbian, Dusty Springfield, was made all the more poignant.

She Hustled Hard For Those Dirty Dollar Bills - With Good Intentions

Wading into the audience while still lip syncing for her life, Cate grabbed handfulls of dollar bills from eager audience members and stuffed them into her sequined bra, because if there's one thing that Cate needs more of, it's money.

Fortunately however, all proceeds from the evening went to the Newton Action Alliance, a grassroots charity which was founded in the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, whose focus is to put an end to gun violence.

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Cate's Performance Had Been Touted As A 'Broadway Review' Months Before

On New Years Day, the Newton Action Alliance actually posted a fabulous picture of Cate, in full drag mode (sans contouring, but plus divine feathered head piece and bulbous fish lips), to raise awareness for the upcoming fundraising event.

Currently based in New York as she performs in the Broadway show The Present and shoots for Ocean's Eight, the Australian actress totally dominated the show at the legendary Stonewall Inn, the birthplace of the modern Gay Rights movement.


Is there are more divine being then Cate Blanchett?


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