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Today we heard the shocking news that Ben 'Don't mention Daredevil' Affleck will be becoming the Dark Knight in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. Of course this news no doubt stirred reactions from Batman fans which spanned the entire spectrum of human emotion.

However, if recent trends have taught us anything, it's that language and human emotion are over-rated. Why bother using words and syntax to express your mood when there are literally thousands of cat GIFs which can do it better? Much like the Ancient Egyptians, we are now obsessed with pasting pictures of cats all over the place.

So here, predictably, are the 10 reactions to the Batfleck casting news... provided by cats (oh and one dolphin).

1. The moment your brain's synapses fired and you first became conscious of the news.

2. Upon learning the news you felt a compulsion to tell literally everyone you knew in the shortest time span possible.

3. But for some, the news Christian Bale was not returning was just too much.

4. Don't try to console these people, they're not in the mood.

5. Seriously, they're not in the mood.

6. Meanwhile indie film lovers everywhere despaired that Affleck was returning to the mainstream. Some simply gave up.

7. Others formed a riotous gang determined to strip Affleck of his Oscars.

8. But if you're upset, don't take it as far as this despondent feline. There's still something to live for.

I'm pretty sure that cat was fine. Yeah, pretty sure... Cats can fall a long way.

See, all fine.

9. Of course, not everyone was left depressed and broken. Perhaps the Ben Affleck news has left you jumping for joy. Especially, if you're Ben Affleck...

10. Although, let's face it, you're probably just laying on the floor while trying not to remember Daredevil or Pearl Harbor.

Of course, there is a third possibility. Most people in the world probably don't really GIF a shit about who's going to play Batman. Especially dolphins. They are famously blase when it comes to major superhero casting news.


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