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Alisha Grauso

The Hollywood Reporter brings us word that comedic actress has been cast in the lead role of the CBS comedy pilot for Bad Teacher.

The series, adapted from the 2011 film of the same name, will be a single-camera comedy focusing on Meredith Davis (Graynor, in the role held by in the original movie), a foul-mouthed and scheming divorcee who goes back to teaching in order to find her next sugar daddy, er, husband.

Meredith is hot, cocky, and ambitious, the kind of woman other women love to hate. But, when she's dumped flat and left broke by her ex, she's forced to get a job. When she hears there are a lot of rich, single dads ready for the taking at the local middle school, she decides to become a teacher to land her next husband.

Graynor, who is a rising star in the world of comedy, joins a cast that already includes veteran comedian in the role of the hapless school principal.

The actress most recently appeared in For a Good Time, Call... and Celeste & Jesse Forever. She's also no stranger to television, having had various voice roles throughout the cartoon universe, and played Rachel/Kelsie on Fringe and Caitlin Rucker on HBO's The Sopranos.


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